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Weekend Collection 5


Weekend Collection 5




Weekend Collection: Volume 5


With a fresh start to the New Year, we are back with the Weekend Collection. A bunch of songs handpicked by our crew, just for you. Lean back and enjoy this playlist of great tracks to kick-start your year, with an awesome mix of Indian and international music. Memories and time will flow and you’ll find yourself closing your eyes as you space out and groove to these killer tunes!



Badri Badariya – Coke Studio


An explosive track by Amit Trivedi featuring Mame Khan and Mili Nair, it offers the perfect combination of the rustic with the modern. Complete with strings and ghatam sounds, the song is beautifully sculpted. With a 5-minute version featured in Season Two of Coke Studio, Amit Trivedi’s musical competency more than prevails.


[avideo videoid=”6eP7jzhfXwQ”]















Nas & Damien Marley – Patience


A collaboration between Jamaican reggae artist Damien Marley, and American rapper, Nas, the album Distant Relatives is unique. With 13 tracks and many featuring musicians, Patience is probably the best. Produced by Stephen Marley, the sound is quite intimately organic in its roots.


[avideo videoid=”9p5iPiDJy6M”]














Chloroform – Phoenix


Directed by Sofia Coppola, this music video, albeit slightly dark, is a work of art, open to interpretation. The song itself is something else. With Phoenix making bigger waves in the international scene, it’s only a matter of time before the Frenchmen garner a large following in India.


[avideo videoid=”jc5VCu0ECSI”]














The Seekers – The Last Thing On My Mind


Heavily influenced by Australian folk music, their 1960s hits are still popular today, with Georgy Girl probably being the most famous. A 1964 release, the music is as fresh as ever, with an epic pop vibe that is hard to dispel.


[avideo videoid=”DtyHvjTJK1E”]














Fuzzy Logic – Money Talks


Having drummed for several bands and dabbled in some wicked electronic sounds, 2013 saw Arfaaz Kagalwala, aka Fuzzy Logic, moving into some heavy house beats. His unique styles and varied influences have seen him moving into different fields like scoring music for short film Sulemaani Keeda.


[avideo videoid=”w98PS7ekDUM”]













So there you have it. A playlist of some fabulous music for you to check out. Keep tuning in to catch the next edition of the Weekend Collection.


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