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‘India Semi Conductor Mission Key For A.I. Tech. Supremacy’

'India Semi Conductor Mission Key For A.I. Tech. Supremacy'

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‘India Semi Conductor Mission Key For A.I. Tech. Supremacy’

Tech Analyst ‘5Jewels Research’ has said that Govt. of India’s (GoI) incentive support for Electronic-Semiconductor Manufacturing to tune of $30 B along with GoI decision to set up India Semi Conductor Mission (ISM) is key for establishing A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Tech. Supremacy of India.

Commenting on Union Cabinet approval for a comprehensive program for the development of sustainable semiconductor and electronic display ecosystem under chairmanship of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Analyst of 5Jewels Research Mr. Sumant Parimal said “India has identified huge opportunity for itself in disrupted Global Semiconductor Supply Chains by approving financial incentives up to USD 30 B (Rs. 2,30,000 Crore ), which is around 5 to 6% of Global Semiconductor industry size along with launch of India Semi Conductor Mission. Such large financial incentive for semiconductor & electronic manufacturing along with ISM going to help India in building its A.I. Tech. Supremacy in long run”.

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“Given the fact that future A.I. development is largely dependent on availability of modern computing and communication infrastructures, which runs on high performance semiconductor chips and devices, building in-house large-scale manufacturing capacities through such a large financial incentives and dedicated ISM programs in India is going to propel growth of tech. and innovation led Indian economy. However, time has also come to incentivize large scale Quantum Computing Technology development to manufacturing in India for leading beyond silicon race in High-Speed Computing” Sumant Parimal adds further. ”

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