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EV startup EVeium to open 100 plus showrooms by 2023-end

EV startup EVeium to open 100 plus showrooms pan India by the end of the year 2023

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EV startup EVeium to open 100 plus showrooms by 2023-end

EVeium, a pioneer in the manufacturing of high-speed electric two-wheelers, has announced aggressive plans to open 100-plus showrooms pan India by the end of the year 2023. Since its inception, EVeium has sold 1000 plus EV scooters through its 11 dealerships networks set up across Rajamundhry, Andhra Pradesh; Pune, Maharashtra; Nashik, Maharashtra; Malegaon, Maharashtra; Solapur, Maharashtra; Bengaluru, Karnataka; Hyderabad, Telangana; Calicut, Kerala, and others cities.

EVeium Smart Mobility is on an expansion spree and is motivated to open showrooms in 8 states and 25 cities by the end of fiscal 2022. To satisfy increasing demand, the EV Startup will now be available to customers in UP, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Goa, and the surrounding areas of Telangana, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh, where the brand has already established a presence. These retail showrooms will be designed to be a one-stop shop for electric two-wheeler vehicles.

“EV-two-wheeler mobility is a relatively new option for a wide range of Indian customers, and it is relatively challenging to sell without dealerships and product experience centers. To be ready for a bright future in India’s sustainable mobility sector, we are working aggressively to open showrooms in accordance with our fiscal targets. A dealership network is an established way to pull buyers inside a brick-and-mortar setup to unveil the product and service offering. Additionally, it also enables a platform for customers to address their concerns about EVs, and helps them make well-informed decisions,” said, Mr. Muzammil Riaz, Promoter and Founder, of Ellysium Automotives.

We are thrilled to open our new showrooms across India as it gives us a greater prospect to be a part of the EV wave. The new showrooms will also offer extensive after-sales EV services, such as maintenance, simple financing options, integrated service packages, and E-mobility accessories. With each store we open, we get closer to our vision of achieving Smart Mobility solutions to promote sustainable development,” said Aditya Reddy, VP, Sales & Marketing, of Ellysium Automotives.

EVeium is the complete Made-in-India EV two-wheeler brand of Ellysium Automotives, the auto arm of the United Arab Emirates-based META4 Group. All EVeium scooters are completely manufactured in India. The production facility of the brand has major automation integration, including the latest semi-robotics and cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, to produce reliable EVs at economical pricing for Indian customers in accordance with the Fame2 approvals mapped by the Indian regulatory authority.

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