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Hard Rock Cafe


Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe


Hard Rock Cafe


On a general day, it’s loud and probably not what you expect from a Hard Rock Cafe. But for the Hard Rock experience, the transformation on a gig night is uncanny. The stage is located bang in the middle of this palatial cafe and with a host of Rock ‘n Roll memorabilia to boot, it makes attending a gig as big a pleasure as performing one. It hosts a strong sound system, and ample of space for a big crowd with three different seating areas designed to your need. Hard Rock Cafe is a brand name in performance spaces that is unparalleled.



Capacity-Approx 500


Price– Approx Rs. 2000 for two with alcohol


Where – M 110, 1st Floor, DLF Place Mall, Saket, New Delhi


soundplunge_test Picks: Their Burgers. Unequivocally the best you will get in Delhi.


soundplunge_test Sound Check: Pure, unadulterated Rock n Roll and Hard Rock.


Scene: They have live gigs, every Thursday.


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