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Delhi Nursery Admission – what and how to Crack it Successfully: Sanghamitra Pattanayak, KleverMind

Delhi Nursery Admission
KleverMind breaks explains certain points which should be kept in mind while preparing the strategy for Delhi Nursery Admission


Delhi Nursery Admission – what and how to Crack it Successfully: Sanghamitra Pattanayak, KleverMind

“If everything doesn’t go as planned and your application doesn’t get selected, trust me that’s not all, you have many options left”

Delhi Nursery Admission has always been topic of discussion because of the complexity and uncertainty associated with it but actually we should never judge a book from its cover, with proper awareness and a planed road-map it becomes much easier.

Preparing for Delhi Nursery Admission

Certain points which should be kept in mind while preparing the strategy for the same are as follows:

  1. Add more number of schools to your school list because you never know what’s waiting there for you
  2. Be Prepared for lots of dull moments along with lots of to-and-fro as some school may ask to fill them online, some will be offline & for some it will be getting the form Online & submit it that to the school
  3. Be prepared for “Creative Writing” because some schools may ask indirectly for that. For instance: “How important do you think school will be shaping the future of your child” etc.
  4. Be Prepared & set yourself for court cases & delays due to that the previous trends suggests the same. So Keep Calm because it’s Delhi Nursery Admission
  5. Know the Parameter/or Point Criteria as the whole story revolves around getting those points out of 100. These criteria generally involvesDistance-the nearer the better so choose the school accordingly
  • Sibling- If any of the Siblings is studying the same school gets a good pointer
  • Alumni- If any of the parent was an alumni of the school
  • First born/Girl/Only Child and Staff Child- As the name suggests means the same, but notary affidavit is required as a proof
  1. Prepare yourself for some good interaction with school counselors as it will definitely earn some brownie points for your child’s admission.
  1. Be handy with all your Documents: Check all the documents and update them if required some common documents required are:
  • Photographs of Child, Father and Mother
  • Address Proof (Such as AADHAR CARD, Voter Id card, Passport , Electricity/MTNL/Water Bills)
  • Birth Certificate of The Child From MCD
  • First Born Child/Only Child/Girl Child Affidavit
  • For Sibling – I-Card / Fee Slip/Admission No.
  • For Alumni – School Leaving Certificate of any of the Parent. Some schools consider 10th and some 12th SLC.
  • Special Needs Certificate from authorized Govt. Organization

Patience goes a long way

In the end I would like to share some points with all the aspiring parents looking for Nursery Admission Season 2017-18:

  • Apply to as many schools as possible as the chances drastically increase if you do so
  • If got selected by multiple schools, do visit all of them and compare it thoroughly, because if a good school is say 7-10 km from your home, Don’t just say no because it’s far because there is lot more for your child after Nursery
  • If everything doesn’t goes as planned & your application didn’t get selected , trust me that’s not all, you have many options left, such as:
    • Get your child enrolled in a play-school and prepare for next time
    • You should wait for the next waiting list, because usually parents lose hope after the list, so don’t do that …have patience
    • If you live nearby to other NCR cities such Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon etc. you can also take it as an alternative because they also have some promising institutions, afterwards you can always get your child migrated to Delhi again

KleverMind, is an online platform for automating nursery admission process, they have tied up with 170+ schools and are currently operational in Delhi/NCR.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the publication

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