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Ola founders invest in India’s first electric motorcycle


Ola founders invest in India’s first electric motorcycle

In a bid to help Tork make Inida’s first electric motorcycle, Ola founders Bhavish Agarwal and Ankit Bhati and a group of angels led by Co-Cubes CEO Harpreet Grover has raised an angel funding. The model named T6X is expected to be ready by August.

“We are building India’s first electric motorcycle and are targeting its launch this year. The motorcycle will solve the rider’s pain points with several value-added features like GPS, storage, cloud connectivity and phone charging, making it also a first smart motorcycle in India,” said Kapil Shelke, founder of Tork Motorcycles.

A mechanical engineer with a passion for racing, Shelke has built five motorcycle prototypes at Tork. The startup is in the closing stages of prototyping and certification procedures.

There are plans to set up manufacturing unit in Pune and the 20 member team will also be setting up charging units in four locations — Pune, Bengaluru, Gurugram or Delhi and Chennai — to start with. Special showrooms, ‘Experience Tork’ will also be build, where customers will be able to get a feel of the motorcycle.

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