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Singapore-based start-up Spini settles in India

Singapore-based start-up Spini settles in India


Singapore-based start-up Spini settles in India

Spini, a start-up based in Singapore has raised its first round of funding worth S$1 million from Walden International to fuel India expansion and development of its platform. It has also set up its base in Chennai. Spini has created a referral platform and an online marketplace where salespersons can source sales leads and people are free to monetise information.
Co-founded by Eddie Chau, Shankar G and Chong-Kian Soh, Spini is run by a team spread across Chennai, Bengaluru and Singapore.

Due to its marketplace structure, anyone can relay information related to customers who are planning to purchase and salespersons that are looking for bidding opportunities. These leads can then be bought. Spini provides ways for people to generate monetizing options for information they hold and the salesperson can receive a qualified lead where the chances are much higher of finishing the sale. This also leads to an increase to the productivity.

“Reaching out to the right customer at the right time to close a deal has always been a huge challenge for every business. Cold calling is long dead and ineffective; therefore every salesperson is looking out for new avenues to find out their potential customers. Through Spini we have a solution which helps salespersons and also empowers ordinary people to make money,” said Shankar, Co-founder & CEO, Spini.

The app has been launched in Chennai but the company is planning to expand to other cities. The company is also quite confident of closing millions of transactions across India. The Chennai operations and India team will serve as a centre for all developing markets in India and the rest of Asia.

“Knowledge is passé as anyone can Google anything! Real time Information is definitely the king now. At Spini, we are spinning a brand new career path that is driven by self-empowerment in life and is empowering stay-at-home moms, retirees, students and even professionals to monetize information,” added Eddie Chau, Co-founder & Chairman, Spini.

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