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The Plunge Daily gets launched in Pakistan

My Big Plunge - gets launched in Pakistan

News gets launched in Pakistan

Pakistan will finally be able to use Facebook’s, an initiative that plans to spread the use of internet around the world. The aim of the is to make the internet accessible and affordable to 2/3rd of the world’s population that is still devoid of the online space.

Mobile users from Pakistan will now be able to have free access to a range of services that include healthy, education, jobs, finance, news etc. ESPN Cricinfo, BBC, Accuweather, OLX and UNICEF Facts for Life are some of the sites that will be featured in the initiative. Facebook also aims at promoting local content in Pakistan by including sites like Ilmkiduniya, and Urdupoint Cooking in the package.

First launched in Zambia in July 2014, now covers Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia, Ghana, India, Philippines, Guatemala, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malawi.

“With, more people in Pakistan will have access to free basic internet tools and information that can create new opportunities and help improve their lives,” said Markku Makelainen, director of global operator partnerships at Facebook.

Currently, will be available to Telenor users in Pakistan in the first phase. Telenor has been operating in Pakistan since the past 10 years and has over 36 million subscribers.
Despite its range of services, has faced its share of controversy. Many users have spoken that the service violates net neutrality regulations.

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