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Pets' day out !!!

Pet out on camping- mybigplunge


Pets' day out !!!

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ummer season is the time for sudden plans of outing and camping. The pleasant weather outside always insists for long drive, camping or even a long vacation. However, for a pet owner, there is little more to worry than just sudden planning with friends and family. They don’t want to leave their furry friends at home.

Considering their sentiments, here are some cues that might come handy when you plan a trip this summer.

Dogs and cats behave differently in unaccustomed environment. A new place can make them uncomfortable. Hence, the trip needs to be planned keeping in mind their comfort. We often fail to realize the amount of stress our pets go through in these trips if they are not used to it. Kids often ask to take pets along with them for the camping. The destination therefore should be very carefully chosen.

Dr. KG Umesh, Waltham, Scientific Communication Manager, Mars India, said, “We strongly advise to check if your pet is healthy and is fit to travel. In case if they are hurt, ill, pregnant or too young to travel; it is suggested not to take your pet along. Pet owners should also carry necessary medicines while traveling and vets information around the place they are visiting. Pet parents also need to make sure that all the necessary vaccination should be done on time before travel to protect the pets against any infection while traveling.”

If you’re planning to take your pet on a road trip, then there are many things to be taken into consideration. It is good to feed them at least a few hours before, as few pets go car sick on long trips. It would be better to carry crate for travel in the car as it makes them feel that they are in their own space.
Water should be carried in much quantity.

Taking short breaks is also advisable. Keep the windows open as fresh air is vital. And finally it goes without saying that one should carry some familiar items like toys, rings with them to make them comfortable.

If the plan involves longer hours of stay, then there are few precautions to be taken too. Unlike us, pets have sensitive digestive systems. The whole day activity, roasted and fried food and lack of routine can be dangerous to pets. The first aid kit should be kept handy at all time.

Pets 1

Tents are usually set up in forests that have hazards like insects, snakes or wild animal. Dogs attract a lot to small insects and end up eating them, if not busy in any activity. Camping with cats can be tricky as they are not comfortable in leash and they freak out easily but with dogs the leash is necessary.

And finally, if you at all are planning to move out of the country with your darling pet, the preparations need to be more elaborate. The foremost thing is to make sure that the airline does not have any restrictions that will prevent your pet from traveling and you get to know that at the last moment.

They are carried in container when on flight; hence, you should give them chance to go to the toilet before it is put in. The carrying container (transport Crate) should be well-ventilated, roomy enough for the animal to move around, safe and have adequate food and water for the trip. The crate must be appropriately and clearly labeled with complete name and address, phone number and destination contact information.

Each country has different rules for pets hence it is mandatory to check the rules and regulations if you are planning to go abroad. Put a familiar-smelling cushion or rug in the container to help your pet settle.
One should search for a pet- friendly vacation resorts, which accepts the size of animals you have carried with you and have special programs designed to meet your needs.

There can be no company like your pets. What’s more, the pictures that capture the vacation moments would be twice as memorable if your pets are around. Everyone wants to make sure their four-legged family members are included as well! Undoubtedly vacation with pets can add on to your memories if you are little careful and well prepared.

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