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Best Agrolife Ltd Introduces Patented Rice Herbicide Formulation “Orisulam”

Best Agrolife Ltd to Introduce Patented Rice Herbicide Formulation "Orisulam"


Best Agrolife Ltd Introduces Patented Rice Herbicide Formulation “Orisulam”

Best Agrolife Ltd (BAL), a leading manufacturer of specialty and patented agrochemicals in India, has announced the registration of two innovative formulations, including its patented formulation Bispyribac Sodium 0.25% + Penoxsulam 0.25% + Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl 0.20% GR. The company has received 9(3) Formulation Indigenous Manufacture (FIM) registration from CIB & RC for this formulation, which belongs to the ALS (acetolactate synthase) inhibitors herbicide group. The ALS inhibitors disrupt essential amino acid synthesis in weeds, providing triple the effectiveness in controlling weeds.

BAL will be introducing this formulation in the upcoming Kharif season under the brand name “Orisulam.” With an estimated annual business potential of approximately Rs 2000 crores in the rice herbicide segment, BAL anticipates “Orisulam” to be an important growth driver.

Orisulam” is a broad-spectrum pre-emergence, early post-emergence, and post-emergence contact and systemic herbicide for paddy. Its patented triple combination of three molecules ensures weed control of grasses, broadleaves, and sedges. It offers a comprehensive strategy with a flexible window of application, and the granular formulation has been specially designed for ease of application.

Additionally, the Best Agrolife group has received 9(3) FIM vs FIT registration for Boscalid 25.2% + Pyraclostrobin 12.8% WG. This fungicidal combination is effective in specialty crops such as grapes for the control of downy mildew and powdery mildew diseases.

BAL has been making significant strides in its product portfolio. Earlier, the company received registration for its patented formulation “Defender,” a groundbreaking formulation for effective control of BPH in the crop health segment in paddy.

This year, the company has achieved several milestones, including the registration of Fomesafen Technical 95%, patent for “Tricolor” formulation, patent for “Warden Extra” formulation, and the patent for “Shot Down” formulation.

BAL’s commitment to innovation and excellence in agrochemicals is evident through its continuous efforts to develop and introduce advanced solutions for the agriculture sector. The introduction of “Orisulam” marks another significant step forward in BAL’s mission to provide farmers with effective and sustainable solutions for crop protection.

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