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EVeium launches EV Dealership Showroom In Mangalore, Karnataka

EV Brand EVeium Launches Its Newest EV Dealership Showroom In Mangalore, Karnataka

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EVeium launches EV Dealership Showroom In Mangalore, Karnataka

EVeium Smart Mobility has launched its newest EV dealership showroom in Mangalore, Karnataka on 16th March 2023. The showroom is an experience center showcasing the wide range of smart electric scooters of the EVeium brand. The EV showroom will operate under the dealership name West End Automotives.



The Showroom cum experience hub is situated in the city at the prime location of Gold Palace Onyx, Pumpwell. The showroom was inaugurated in the presence of Honourable chief guest U.T. Khader—Deputy leader of the opposition Karnataka legislative assembly & M.L.A. Mangalore constituency, and Guests of honour Mr. Jayanand Anchan, Mayor of Mangalore City Corporation, Mr. Rohan Monteiro, Founder and Chairman of Rohan Corporation Mangalore; Mr. Mansoor Ahmed, Managing Director of Azad Group Mangalore and Sameer Moidin, Owner of West End Automotives also graced the occasion, congratulating the EVeium team on their vision for green India.

On the occasion of the showroom launch, Mr. Sameer Moidin Co-Founder, EVeium Smart Mobility affirmed “We are thrilled to unveil our new dealership showroom in Mangalore with the ambition to provide the best experience and assist ordinary Indians chase their dreams by delivering the smart everyday mobility requirements more sustainably. Through an industry-leading practice of setting up a best-in-class showroom with all the necessary tools and machinery, we are also ensuring top-notch after-sales service experiences for our valued customers. Moreover, receiving positive reviews from our well-wishers strengthens our belief as we plan to continue expanding our presence with more showrooms and products.”

At the launch, Mr. A.H. Shanawaz, Managing Director of West End Automotives said “When it comes to accelerating the framework of EV two-wheelers in India, we share the same spirit and optimism with EVeium Smart Mobility. We are confident that this EV showroom will be a game changer in introducing electric vehicles into every Mangalore household. We look forward to this collaboration and to capitalising on the region’s growing EV demand.”

The showroom, under the dealership of West End Automotives, features all 3 premium Electric Scooters from the brand, which include:

●      Cosmo – Top Speed – 65 Kmph; Range – 80 km on a single charge; Price – Rs. 1,39,200

●      Comet – Top Speed – 85 Kmph; Range – 150 km on a single charge; Price – Rs. 1,84,900

●      Czar – Top Speed – 85 Kmph; Range – 150 km on a single charge; Price – Rs. 2,07,700

The showroom will not only provide customers with a one-of-a-kind EV purchasing experience, but it will also serve as a platform to raise awareness about EV adoption in the region. Besides that, the showroom will function as a one-stop shop for all EVeium clients’ EV-related requirements. While EVeium intends to expand into both established and emerging markets, the startup promises to do so by being an important player in reducing carbon footprints and making India a cleaner and greener place for coming generations.

EVeium Smart Mobility is an electric 2-wheeler EV brand under the Ellysium Automotives. At EVeium Smart Mobility, our vision is to create clean energy and a sustainable ecosystem for easy adoption of a futuristic and safe way of electric commuting. Since the day we marked our journey, we have committed ourselves to ensuring that our products are environment friendly. EVEIUM is dedicated to offer a smart electric vehicle, as demonstrated by the optimal and smart battery, the choice of materials to offer durability, and they are designed to be truly sustainable!

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