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Ezetap partners with Axis Bank to offer My Vyappar for retail segment

Ezetap partners with Axis Bank to offer My Vyappar for retail segment
Ezetap has joined hands with Axis Bank to introduce the latest offering My Vyappar to retail businesses in India.


Ezetap partners with Axis Bank to offer My Vyappar for retail segment

Digital payments leader Ezetap has joined hands with Axis Bank to introduce the latest offering My Vyappar to retail businesses in India. Axis Bank, through My Vyappar, will introduce a host of services enabling effective digital payments management for the merchants across the country.

The medium and small-seized retailers of the country have been at a financial disadvantage to compete against the large businesses. The pandemic worsened the situation further as the sales plummeted and customers shifted to digital mode of transactions owing to the fear of contracting the virus.

As such, there was a significant movement from cash to digital transformation journey. While India surpassed the world with an astonishing 25 billion real-time online transactions in 2020, the relatively smaller merchants didn’t have the bandwidth or budget to pivot as quickly as large businesses.

Through My Vyappar, Axis Bank brings in a wide array of attributes curated specifically for the retail segment in India. My Vyappar offers a full suite of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options that can boost revenue. EMI facilities would be available for ticket sizes as small as even Rs 3,000. The app also aims at motivating the merchants to increase the use of digital payments by incentivizing them with exciting rewards, upon achieving bank goals. My Vyappar app provides businesses with a single view of all credit transactions that can be accessed anytime anywhere. This would help merchants to go paperless and access their digital records even at home.

Byas Nambisan, CEO, Ezetap, said they took a deep look at the pain-points of the merchants using digital payments and were determined to solve the challenges that still limit the business benefits of adopting the digital route. “Through My Vyappar app, we aim to solve these issues while providing the merchants with effective ways to expand their businesses. With all its features including in-built training and support functions, we are confident that the app will provide the much-needed efficiency in managing and tracking digital payments. This also serves as a testament to our commitment to provide innovative solutions to simplify digital payments for banks as well as businesses.”

Sanjeev Moghe, EVP & Head, Cards and Payments, Axis Bank, said they have been continuously working on partnership led models and digital solutions to expand our offerings to the merchant community. “In this endeavor, we are delighted to join hands with Ezetap to bring My Vyappar app for our retail merchant customers. The app would empower our customers to be more flexible and agile with digital payments thereby aiding their business growth. While adoption of digital payments has improved in the country in recent times, there has been much scope for improvement and simplification. My Vyappar app addresses all these gaps and will prove to be highly beneficial not only for the merchants, but also for us in improving our communication and engagement with our customers from the merchant community.”

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My Vyappar also provides the much-needed multilingual capability by adding Hindi as an additional language to help retailers understand digital payments better and speed up their tech adoption. To ensure seamless user-experience for merchants, My Vyappar app offers a simplified interface, similar to existing mobile platforms. It ensures complete handholding in the form of in-app training.

Furthermore, the app establishes a direct channel through which banks can communicate directly with merchants and offer personalized plans including loan options and reward schemes. Currently, Ezetap hosts about three lakh merchants on their platform. The company expects this base to grow by about 70% over the course of the year with My Vyappar being a critical element to aid that growth.

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