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Bringing AI to ONDC: SellerApp and Google Cloud’s Dynamic Collaboration Sets a New E-commerce Standard

Bringing AI to ONDC: SellerApp and Google Cloud's Dynamic Collaboration Sets a New E-commerce Standard


Bringing AI to ONDC: SellerApp and Google Cloud’s Dynamic Collaboration Sets a New E-commerce Standard

SellerApp, a leading e-commerce analytics platform, and Google Cloud, an offering by Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL), have announced a strategic partnership.
This collaboration aims to empower Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) sellers by providing innovative solutions for new product launches, catalog management, and listing optimization, enhancing discoverability and driving growth.

Bikram Singh Bedi, MD at Google Cloud India said, “Adoption of AI holds immense potential in transforming the Indian e-commerce landscape, particularly in enabling automation, personalized recommendations and catalog management. Through our partnership with SellerApp, we are committed to providing data intelligent solutions to ONDC sellers, empowering them to navigate this dynamic industry with confidence and success.” With a massive network of over 150,000+ sellers and brands across the globe, SellerApp has helped over 1,100 sellers through ONDC, establishing their expertise in the e-commerce domain. They have also onboarded brands including, Red Bull, Patanjali, True Elements, Kapiva, Boyo, Nature Land Organics, 24 Organic Mantra and other CPG brands into the ONDC network.

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The 5-year-old data analytics company supports them with market intelligence and business monitoring solutions. The strategic alliance between SellerApp and Google Cloud aims to fill the gap in catalog management efficiency, boosting it by an impressive 72%. T Koshy, the MD & CEO of ONDC added stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with SellerApp and Google Cloud to harness the power of Generative AI, transforming the e-commerce experience for sellers using the network. This partnership will address crucial challenges like catalog management and listing discoverability, empowering sellers to thrive in the competitive online marketplace.” Furthermore, Brij Purohit, Co-Founder of SellerApp, added, “The path to digitization is challenging for MSMEs in India. They require robust e-commerce platforms, simplified solutions and efficient delivery services.

With SellerApp’s advanced analytics, combined with Google Cloud’s transformative Generative AI and Vertex AI, these companies can now embrace cost-effective solutions and tap into a vast Indian audience. Furthermore, by leveraging multiple languages, they can expand their digital footprint across the country and seize new growth opportunities.” In an era where brands and sellers strive to establish trust, authenticity and credibility, an excellent catalog plays a vital role. AI-powered catalog management helps brands significantly enhance customer experiences, boosting their revenue and resources. This expanded partnership will enable SellerApp to seamlessly onboard Enterprises onto the network by leveraging Google Cloud’s Open Source Solution. These solutions further streamline network onboarding with the ready implementation of ONDC core and infra APIs, helping them to succeed in the dynamic e-commerce landscape and is a major leap forward for the industry.

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