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CABT ties up with Meesho to offer logistics solutions

Shailesh Kumar, Founder, CABT Logistics.


CABT ties up with Meesho to offer logistics solutions

CABT Logistics, one of India’s top logistics companies, has tied up with e-commerce major Meesho for first-mile and last-mile delivery solutions.

Meesho, India’s fastest-growing e-commerce company, currently does millions of orders every day and is the single largest contributor to the country’s third-party logistics ecosystem. Nearly  8 lakh suppliers on the platform sell their products to customers across the country.  As a strategic partner, CABT Logistics will offer Meesho first-mile pick-up, last-mile deliveries, and warehousing solutions, besides facilitating same-day deliveries.

With multiple fulfillment hubs, CABT Logistics already has a strong presence in Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Mysore and now in Jaipur. The company has allotted hundreds of riders exclusively for Meesho, along with sorters and loaders.

Working with 3PL partners, Meesho is currently available in all serviceable pin codes in India. The e-commerce company’s massive scale and deep inroads in Tier 2+ cities offer a lucrative opportunity for CABT to grow its business manifold.

Sourabh Pandey,  CXO – Fulfillment & Experience at Meesho, said, “Sound logistics solutions and technology are an integral part of running a large e-commerce business. To amplify our reach and cater to our consumers better, we are always looking to strengthen our fulfillment capabilities. With the expertise that CABT Logistics brings to the table, we are confident that this will be a fruitful collaboration.”

Founded with a mission to facilitate fleet management and logistics for e-commerce startups, CABT Logistics is now one of India’s fastest-growing first-mile and last-mile delivery platforms, spread across 20+ states.

Shailesh Kumar, Founder at CABT Logistics, said, “We are happy to collaborate with Meesho, India’s fastest growing e-commerce company, and offer them our suite of comprehensive logistics solutions. The combination of Meesho’s reach and CABT’s logistics expertise will accelerate the development of digital solutions and expand the logistics ecosystem.”

Creativity at Best Technologies – CABT was founded in 2018 with the vision of creating Excellence in the field of Logistics services to endow businesses with the right knowledge and support to scale their operations. A trusted partner in the sphere of warehousing and transport logistics, CABT’s logistics platform serves businesses across multiple industrial Sectors like restaurants, pharmacies, online grocers, offline and online retail commerce, local vendor, banks and telecom. They provide a safe, affordable, and stress-free logistic platform.

With a delivery partner network of more than 20000 trusted delivery personnel and 12000+ active pin codes, CABT helps businesses reduce redundancies, optimize supply chains and boost profitability in a competitive business environment. From picking, and packing, to transportation, they offer tech-based solutions tailored to your requirements.

Diversifying into Warehousing, First Mile, Mid Mile & Last Mile services, CABT has gained a strong foothold in 1640+ cities across India, becoming an intracity logistics powerhouse since its inception in 2018. Aided by its industry-0agnostic nature, CABT is galvanizing the logistics landscape. Their services can be availed with a contextual plug-n-play integration powered by tech APIs & algorithm-driven workflow integrations.

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