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Nuvepro launches skill bundles to bridge skill gap through learning

Nuvepro Launches Skill Bundles to Bridge Skill Gap through Hands-On Learning


Nuvepro launches skill bundles to bridge skill gap through learning

Nuvepro, a leading provider of hands-on learning for IT professionals, has announced the launch of  Skill Bundles, a program  designed to accelerate skilling through practical, and hands-on training.

Skill Bundles is a collection of multiple projects aimed at providing hands-on practice to learners and this particular bundle would have a combination of 1000 plus unique labs and 500 plus unique projects. The Skill Bundle is targeted towards all large tech based MNCs, startups and small enterprises. 

Each bundle includes Playground labs and Project labs, tied together with mentorship to address specific skill gaps for learners and employees. Playground Labs are seamlessly integrated with self-paced video content or instructor-led programs, allowing learners to acquire skills through practical, hands-on experience. Projects provide pre-configured environments and real-world problem statements for learners to work on, tied together with mentorship and auto-graded assessments.

The launch of Skill Bundles comes at a time when many organizations are struggling with right talent and skills for their ongoing projects as well as upcoming ones. Companies feel that the skills and knowledge of their workforce do not align with the evolving demands of the job market, and this could impact business productivity and growth.

According to Giridhar LV, CEO of Nuvepro Technologies, “More than 90% of organizations will be experiencing a skill gap in digital by 2025. Traditional methods like degrees, diplomas, certifications, and even prior work experience of the employee will not address this skill gap. This is where Skill Bundles come in. Each Skill Bundle is constructed in response to a Skill Gap or Skill Need in an organization. By working through the modules in a Skill Bundle, we can ensure that the employee is project, task, or job-ready.”

Investing in upskilling and reskilling employees is essential for addressing this gap and ensuring that the workforce remains competitive.

Nuvepro’s Skill Bundles can help plug this gap and empower learners with hands-on practice, enabling them to keep up with changing industry trends and technological advancements.

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