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Rural-tech Startup Hesa to onboard 1.5 Lakh microlevel entrepreneurs in 2022

Rural-tech Startup Hesa to onboard 1.5 Lakh microlevel entrepreneurs in 2022


Rural-tech Startup Hesa to onboard 1.5 Lakh microlevel entrepreneurs in 2022

Hesa, which is on a mission to uplift rural entrepreneurs, announced today that it will onboard more than 1.5 Lakh microlevel entrepreneurs by the end of 2022. With this Hesa, the rural- tech startup will empower these entrepreneurs across rural parts of India such as the states of Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and plans to grow into five additional states by the end of this year.

Expanding its network of microlevel entrepreneurs (Hesaathi), the startup focuses on offering a range of products and services in order to solve the challenges of accessibility, availability and buying and selling in remote rural locations. Identifying the right talent on the ground, the field officer onboards Hesaathi who are then trained to use the platform. After the completion of the training, Hesaathis are awarded with a certificate and then roll on the platform.

Established in 2020, Hesa is a technology-enabled rural commerce platform empowering livelihood in rural areas, enabling access to quality products and services. With currently a total of 30000+ microlevel entrepreneurs (Hesaathi), the startup continues to bolster its rural network across India. Hesa is providing the micro entrepreneurs to settle with dignified work in local villages allowing them to make Rs 8000 to Rs 12000 income monthly.

Hesaathis onboarded at Hesa will be incharge of the supply chain at a local level, facilitating village level mapping, surveys, campaigns and promotions for the company’s brand partners. Hesaathis also helps rural consumers with everyday transactions on the platform like utility bill payments, buying and selling of products across sectors and more. Where the rural customer visits Hesaathi in their village for multiple needs in a single visit, which also fulfils the demand of social distancing in the current times, avoiding long commutes in shared vehicles or standing in longer queues, Hesaathis are also able to generate income through commission on every transaction they make on the platform. The startup’s business model thereby provides solutions at both ends- Connecting businesses to rural India and enabling scalable solutions for rural households, helping them with progressive livelihoods.

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On the team expansion plans, Founder & CEO, Vamsi Udayagiri quotes “As a technology enabled platform we are empowering livelihood in rural areas, providing access to quality products and services. Our endeavour is to bridge the gap between rural and urban India by leveraging technology and the workforce. We at Hesa, are overwhelmed with the response we have received in the last 2 years and we are ready to scale our services across multiple states with our innovative tech solutions



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