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Mufin Green Finance Partners with BlueOrchard to Drive Sustainable Finance Initiatives

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Mufin Green Finance Partners with BlueOrchard to Drive Sustainable Finance Initiatives

Mufin Green Finance, a pioneering entity in sustainable finance, has secured a significant debt of USD 5 million from BlueOrchard, a renowned impact investment firm with a distinguished 20+ year legacy. This strategic collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Mufin Green Finance, highlighting its commitment to advancing sustainability initiatives in the global financial landscape.

BlueOrchard, known for its extensive impact investment experience and global outreach impacting over 280 million individuals worldwide, is the largest commercial microfinance fund globally. With a remarkable track record, BlueOrchard brings unparalleled expertise and resources to the partnership, aligning seamlessly with Mufin Green Finance’s mission to foster positive environmental change.

The USD 5 million investment sanctioned by BlueOrchard will enable Mufin Green Finance to drive its initiatives in the Green and Energy sectors, fueling innovation and facilitating sustainable development. Leveraging BlueOrchard’s extensive network and expertise, Mufin Green Finance aims to lead transformative projects that address environmental degradation while promoting economic growth.

Mr. Kapil Garg, Managing Director at Mufin Green Finance, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to forge this strategic partnership with BlueOrchard, a recognized leader in impact investment. This significant investment underscores our shared commitment to drive sustainable change and underscores our resolve to catalyze positive environmental impact globally. Together with BlueOrchard, we are poised to unlock new opportunities and drive innovation in the Green and Energy space.”

Amidst pressing environmental challenges, Mufin Green Finance remains steadfast in its dedication to championing sustainable finance solutions. Through collaborations with esteemed partners like BlueOrchard, Mufin Green Finance aims to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

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