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Fall Fashion Trends: Bright Colors and Balmy Lips

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Fall Fashion Trends: Bright Colors and Balmy Lips

As fall turns to winter, certain trends have become apparent. People who want to keep up with the changing styles and use them to create a style of their own can find much to choose from as they look to the colder weather. In particular, certain colors are coming to forefront as cold weather starts to hit and people start to bundle up. Bright shades of metal, soft pastel like browns and blues and products that offer comfort as well as a sense of being in a comfortable space are all the hot new ideas for the colder months. Those who look to the changing fall fashions are happy to note such trends and happier to help people tap into them.

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A quick dab of lip balm can quickly help reduce the harsh effects of winter

A quick dab of lip balm can quickly help reduce the harsh effects of winter

Winter can be tough on the skin. Harsh winds and thick snow can make all parts of the body feel rough even when exposed to the outdoors for just a few minutes. Several products on the market are there to offer much needed protection against the problem and allow people to feel less frustrated. A quick dab of a lip balm such as EOS lip balm can help quickly reduce this issue and let people feel comfortable walking outdoors for long periods of time even when the harsh weather whips around them for hours. Such protection is essential.

Colors Everywhere

Colors are everywhere during the winter. The endless white days turn into dark nights early. Those in the know can turn to bright colors like red to help spice up the day and make it less dreary. An elegant scarf draped across the neck in winter brights can be just the thing to help offset long nights that come early and stay late. Look for metallic shades as well such as golden bronze that can be worn as pair of boots to help liven up the snowy days. A pair of earmuffs also look good against sun deprived skin when used in a bright color like neon pink or a screaming shade of yellow. Try to bring colors to the cold winter days and make them pop.

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