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Bangladesh reign of terror continues as gunmen open fire at Eid gathering



Bangladesh reign of terror continues as gunmen open fire at Eid gathering

Even as the Bangladesh government continue to deny the presence of ISIS jihadist within its national boundaries, yet another terror attack on an Eid prayer service disrupted the peace in the country today leading to the death of two policemen and one woman.

The latest attack comes barely a few days after an upscale cafe in Dhaka, the Holey Artisan Bakery, was stormed by militants who butchered and killed 22 people that included several foreigners as well as Bangladeshi citizens.

Today’s attack happened near a mass Eid prayer gathering in Kishoreganj in Bangladesh that had a massive crowd of 200,000 people who had come together for prayer. The attack took place near a school where the terrorists could have likely been hiding before the prayer service. The attackers started throwing home made bombs and were also carrying guns, knives and machetes.

While the police maintain there were several attackers present only one attacker was shot dead while another has been captured alive.

While some believe that the attack had been specifically targeted at the imam of Kishoreganj who holds liberal views, the fact that Bangladesh is seeing increasing instances of terror attacks has become a huge concern for the Bangladesh government who continue to insist that the terrorist groups are home grown and have no direct link to either ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

In the past few years several people have been hacked to death for holding and propagating liberal views.

On Wednesday,the ISIS terror group had released a threatening video where it said that the Bangladesh attack (Holey Artisan Bakery) was merely a glimpse and there would be a, ” repeat, repeat and repeat” until sharia had been established throughout the world.

While Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed her shock at the attack on a religious group converged for namaz, her government has insisted that all the attacks are being carried out by a Bangladeshi banned terror group.

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