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Pity Music legends never set foot in India, Gone too Soon: Chris Cornell No More!

Chris Cornell No More


Pity Music legends never set foot in India, Gone too Soon: Chris Cornell No More!

It’s a shame that many legends will never even possibly set foot in India. Another one Chris Cornell has left this world for the far more talented other side. One thing is sure the Afterlife is going to be studded with music geniuses doesn’t matter you go to heaven or hell the soulful vocals, the super guitar riffs and the hard hitting drum rolls will fill your ears with joy.

I don’t want to write about the drug abuse, the rehab time or the Soundgarden’s phoenix-like story. Nor I wish to give a history lesson on the Supergroup Audioslave or Grunge music. This is just to acknowledge the big loss that the current Electronic Music loving audience would never understand.

“Stuttering, cold and damp
Steal the warm wind tired friend
Times are gone for honest men
And sometimes far too long for snakes
In my shoes, a walking sleep
And my youth I pray to keep
Heaven send Hell away
No one sings like you anymore
Black hole sun
Won’t you come
And wash away the rain!”

With reports that Detroit Police is calling it to be a possible suicide, it is just heartbreaking. Only giving Kurt Cobain’s logic of burning than to fade away more teeth.

Chris Cornell has left too soon, whatever may be the reason. It’s a big loss for music, and I hope he is remembered the way he should be and he is happy wherever he is.

R.I.P Chris Cornell.

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1 Comment

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