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Mani Ratnam, Shankar Mahadevan, Dr Krishna Ella among recipients of Bharat Asmita National Awards-2022

Mani Ratnam, Shankar Mahadevan, Dr Krishna Ella among recipients of Bharat Asmita National Awards-2022


Mani Ratnam, Shankar Mahadevan, Dr Krishna Ella among recipients of Bharat Asmita National Awards-2022

18th Bharat Asmita National awards by MIT World Peace University, Pune and MIT School of Government, Pune was awarded to Mani Ratnam-Acclaimed Filmmaker, Shankar Mahadevan- Acclaimed Music Composer, Dr Krishna Ella – Founder, Bharat BioTech; Gaurav Gogoi – Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha; Prof. Kavil Ramchandran – Professor of Entrepreneurship; and Shereen Bhan – Noted journalist.

The award ceremony was held on February 3, 2022, in virtual mode. The Bharat Asmita National Awards are meant to recognize the selfless and committed feats of leaders from the field of Management Education, Journalism & Mass Media, Film & Direction, Lyrics, Singing & Music, Science & Technology, Politics and Lifetime Achievement.

Shri Rahul V. Karad, Founder of Bharat Asmita National Awards, who is also the Managing Trustee & Executive President of MAEER’s MIT and Executive President of MIT World Peace University & Chief Initiator of MIT School of Government, said, “Our institution remains committed not only for the academic excellence but also to the character building and to channelize the energy of young minds for nation building exercises. By instituting and conferring these awards we are trying to inspire and instil the sense of Bharat Asmita (National Pride) in the youth so that they follow the footprints of luminaries like these who are awarded with such honours.”

Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad, Founder & Chief Patron, MAEER’S MIT, said, “Bharat Asmita Award gives us an encouragement that discipline and character building is our mission and we should strive to make Mother India the Vishwa Guru by making the world understand about the making of this universe.”

Dr Krishna Ella, Founder of Bharat Biotech and recipient of the Best Use of Science & Technology Through Innovation Award, said, “Teachers of today should focus on creating role models for the kids and should not be partial or complicate education for children. Every kid that we are educating will be in a powerful position tomorrow, so we must be careful of what we teach them. Each one of us can solve every problem that exists in the society so we must focus on how each one of us can be an entrepreneur and innovator but we must have the passion to be the change.”

Shri Shankar Mahadevan, Acclaimed Music Composer and recipient for the Best Use of Lyrics Music/ Singing, said, “Focused on quality and bringing about good music to the world. Music is the highest form of communication. Being blessed with music is an achievement of the highest order. The sheer aesthetic history of Indian Classical music makes it great and we need to promote it in a better manner. We need to create a world-class academy that imparts learning in Indian Classical Music.”

Shri Mani Ratnam, Acclaimed Filmmaker and recipient for the Best Use of Film/Direction Award, said, “Learning whatever education gives you and using it in whatever profession you choose to be in, is as effective and as important as anything. Just because it is cinema doesn’t mean it doesn’t need education. Education is absolutely essential to any form of art. This award is a signal for me to do more good work in cinema. It is an acknowledgement for the entire team that has worked in a film.”

Shri Gaurav Gogoi, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha (INC, Kaliabor, Assam), Deputy Leader of INC in Lok Sabha and the recipient for the Best Young Exponent of Parliamentary Practises, said, “We are at a transition stage for a greener, technology integrated society and as we transition, it’s very important to set ourselves on the right trajectory. The world will continue to change but the basic values should not change and the society should collectively try to be more patient”

Prof. Kavil Ramachandran, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Indian School of Business and recipient for the Best Teacher in Management Award, said, “Gandhi’s principles on trusteeship and Swami Vivekanand’s value of selfless karma is the guiding force of my life’s work. Institutions like MIT WPU are bringing in waves of a new change in society through their thought leadership and will create the leaders of tomorrow who will inspire generations to come.”

Smt Sheeren Bhan, Noted Journalist and recipient for the Best Use of Mass Median Award, said, “When passion and purpose combine, magic is created. Our role in the media is to inform, educate and inspire and hold people in positions accountable. We must be mindful of not disseminating unverified news and be conscious of not creating a sense of panic while not sugar coating the truth”

Padma Bhushan, Dr Vijay P. Bhatkar, Educationist & Chancellor of Nalanda University and Father of PARAM (Super Computer of India), said “Bharat Asmita Award is a great knowledge conference and identifies people who must be celebrated because of their inspirational contribution. Asmita identifies it as the signature of India, the first knowledgeable civilisation of the world. Today is a great day to celebrate and establish a new culture of education and synthesis of science & spirituality.”
Bharat Asmita National Awards was conceived in 2005 by MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions, Pune by Rahul Karad in order to inspire many a generation of management gurus, people involved in mass awakening and people in the forefront of Indian Parliamentary Practises for their meaningful contribution in the process of Nation Building.

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