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Apps that send errand-runners to stand-in for you at Bank and ATM queues

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The apps will send proxies to stand in line for you till your turn at the counter comes

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Apps that send errand-runners to stand-in for you at Bank and ATM queues

Stay at home and get old currency notes exchanged, cheque/cash deposited, etc. When the runner’s turn comes, customers are informed and have to be present for the transaction

DoneThing is a Gurgaon-based on-demand personal assistance service that, when needed, is a personal shopper and errand boy. It carries out day-to-day tasks such picking up everyday items, paying bills depositing cheques and more. Now, with the challenges of demonetisation, it has expanded its services by providing convenient, stay-at-home option for exchanging old currency notes.

On putting forward a request, via the app, a call, an SMS or Whatsapp, a runner is assigned for the task, who would stand in the queue – on the customer’s behalf. When the runner’s turn comes, the customer is accordingly informed of it and is then called on to be present to deposit or withdraw the cash themselves.

The service has been launched keeping in mind the inconveniences of time-crunch and mostly old people. Speaking on the new service, Rohit Pansari, Co-Founder, DoneThing said, “We aim to promote the government’s initiative of demonetization to curb black money and provide helping hands and support to the common people. Our other services are also aimed at easing the day-to-day life of the people, so that they can focus on the other important things of their life.”

Another platform, called BookMyChotu, also offers errand boys at Rs. 90 an hour, who will stand in queues outside banks and ATM kiosks. At the counter you take the errand-runner’s place to carryout the transaction.

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