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Qyura, tells you your healthcare expenditure ‘before’ you visit the hospital and ensures minimal waiting time too. Feel better already?

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Qyura, tells you your healthcare expenditure ‘before’ you visit the hospital and ensures minimal waiting time too. Feel better already?

With fragmented information and a lack of quality ‘customer service’, which leaves us hassled, Siddhant Jatia set out to improve the so-called service in the medical and healthcare industry. Qyura is that platform, set up to bring about order from the chaos where users can get to know their total expenditure for medical tests, doctor appointments etc before they visit the hospital or diagnostic center.

What is the idea behind Qyura?

Healthcare in India is still a severely unorganized sector. Patients are subjected to indefinite queues, bad customer service, unequal pricing and most importantly, severe neglect in times of dire need. Moreover, critical information with regards to medical institutions, doctors, blood banks, emergency services – is fragmented, unclear and sometimes entirely unavailable.

Qyura aims to organize the medical sector to allow patients make informed decisions by becoming both a discovery platform as well as an opinion generating medium that bridges gap between patients and Medical Service Providers to make healthcare as simple, easy and hassle-free as possible.

From Preventive Healthcare, to a persons day-to-day healthcare needs to medical assistance at the time of emergencies, Qyura is the go to place for everyone. In terms of our value added services, a user can get there medical reports from our network of medical institutions right on there phone which can be immediately shared with their Doctors and Family Members.

What prompted you to come up with this idea?

Being exposed to the healthcare industry was one of the key triggers of coming up with this concept. Although healthcare is a part of the essential ‘Services’ in India, the key factor of ensuring patient satisfaction and high quality service was being neglected resulting in people having to wait for hours inside hospitals and diagnostic centers. We, in general, are ignorant towards our health, which prevents us from taking informed decisions. You may know the price of Paneer Tikka in your favorite restaurant, but you will not know what your pocket pinch is going to be when you walk into a hospital.

Qyura as a platform was built keeping these points in mind. Now a user will know his total expenditure for all the medical tests, doctor appointments etc before he visits the hospital/diagnostic center via a quotation, which he receives from the Medical Institution of his choice. He can pay using our application or pay at the counter. The Qyura Team will ensure minimum waiting time by taking the time preference of the user and coordinating with the Medical Institution.

Qyura founder, Siddhant, with his team.

Qyura founder, Siddhant, with his team.

How does this app work?

For ease of understanding, it works as the best of both worlds between Zomato and BookMyShow but for the healthcare sector. Which means, not only can you find, rate and review your preferred hospitals/doctors/diagnostic centres etc. You can also click-look-book your appointments, get your medical reports delivered online, as well as get healthcare scheduled for your family and loved ones sitting remotely at any corner of the country.

You had to tie-up with many private as well as government hospitals, diagnostic centers and health insurance companies. What were the challenges you faced in setting up Qyura?

A comprehensive research was conducted in multiple cities before we decided to finally go ahead with the development of the platform. We covered the CXOs in the top hospitals of the country, renowned doctors of various specialties as well as conducted many focused group interactions to understand the perspective of both the Service Providers and Users. Only once the concept was weighed and a need of a product like Qyura became evident did we go ahead and create this E Healthcare Platform.

Having the right people for the right job has always remained a challenge. Since this was a brand new segment, it took us a while to figure out the type of talent we required for various roles. Initially when we began recruitment, it was very important to select only those people who believed in the product.

What do you think is the current scenario of the ‘unorganised’ heath care sector? What scope do you see in this?

Trying to organise the healthcare sector is literally like ‘moving a mountain’. Since we give customer satisfaction and service quality paramount importance, we have invested in a very strong operations team which includes an in-house call centre to follow up with the service providers and users in order to ensure not only do we generate a lead for the service provider but also ensure the appointment is successfully completed with minimum waiting time and the user after all are efforts is satisfied.

The healthcare Industry in India is a 100 billion dollar Industry and isexpected to touch 280 billion dollars by the end of 2020. IOT in regards to healthcare is expected to touch 3.5 trillion dollars worldwide. Considering the product we have developed, the entire world is our prospective market place.

The Start Up initiative has encouraged many small startups with innovative ideas to make it big. The ministry has announced it will soon unveil PPS to rate hospitals. How helpful will be that?

It is definitely a welcome move from the government. For the service industry, customer satisfaction and quality of service needs to be given paramount importance. Through this initiative medical institutions are bound to be more patient friendly at the same time patients will be able to take more ‘informed decisions’ which complements our cause.

What is your business model?

Qyura is a 360 Degree Market Aggregator for the Healthcare Industry which networks Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Doctors, Pharmacies, Blood Banks as well as Ambulances enabling users to get Medical Assistance with a click of a button.

Your app is currently available in English, which won’t be of much use in the tier-2 and tier 3 cities. Do you plan to incorporate more languages?

To begin with, we have launched the Website and Application in Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore where language isn’t a very big barrier. However, in times to come, we will be giving our users the flexibility to change the language to their native language for their better understanding.

How do you plan to scale up?

After Mumbai,Kolkata and Bangalore, we plan on spreading our wings over Delhi(NCR), Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai etc. We intend to partner up with Dynamic people in all Cities through our First of-its-kind Franchisee Model which we have rolled out. After covering the major markets in India, we plan to take Qyura overseas.

What is your funding status?

The company is promoted by the Jatia Business House in Kolkata, the group has a century old legacy in business. The business range from automobiles to healthcare to hospitality. Hence, the Qyura c/o Medicraft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a completely self-funded company.

The Jatia Group under the young and energetic leadership of 24 year old Siddhant is diversifying its activities into the E-Business sphere by launching India’s one-of-its-kind 360-degree market aggregator for the healthcare industry like Qyura.  Siddhant is a fourth generation entrepreneur from Kolkata with over 7 years of experience in business and marketing. He aims to bring a revolution in the E-Healthcare space through his latest venture.

There are other similar healthcare platforms. What makes Qyura different?

The E-Healthcare Space is getting more and more crowded with every passing day. However, if we drill down to specifics of our product, we really do not have any ‘direct competitors’ as no one offers our range of services.

Differentiation from others

  • We are India’s first and only ‘All-In-One’ platform for healthcare. A person need not keep multiple Healthcare applications on his phone as he can get all healthcare assistance in one place.
  • We intend to enable people to make ‘informed decisions’ and organize this industry in order to make it more customers centric.

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