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eMudhra launches emSign, issues SSL/TLS certificates globally

eMudhra launches emSign; becomes the first and only Indian provider to issue SSL/TLS certificates globally


eMudhra launches emSign, issues SSL/TLS certificates globally

eMudhra Limited, (Listed on BSE & NSE, EMUDHRA) a technology, digital identity, and transaction management company, has launched its services to issue its own Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates for large enterprises, IoT manufacturers, SMEs and retail customers. eMudhra is the first & only company from India to get accredited by Webtrust, and its offering emSign is recognized by all the major browsers in the world.

SSL/TLS Certificates play a major role in the Cyber Security space, where they help encrypt every communication on the internet. This includes use-cases such as E-commerce websites for secure online transactions, online banking sites, social media and other websites that require login credentials, Email services, online marketplaces, payment gateways, healthcare portals, online government services, mobile applications, OTT streaming portals and apps, API Services including Digital Public Infrastructure Services (e.g.: UPI), and others.

These certificates use PKI (Public key infrastructure) technology and are widely used in the form of SSL (or TLS) issued by global trust service providers. Certificates issued by emSign are trusted by prominent web browsers of today to enable secure, trusted communication between a web server and the website. This enables organizations and consumers to enhance encrypted network connections, thereby protecting both the end users’ information and the service provider. The SSL/TLS certificates issued by emSign – eMudhra’s Global Trust Root, is a fully made in India solution for the world with local data residency capabilities.

Srinivasan, chairman of eMudhrasaid,“With this latest initiative, eMudhra expects to enhance secure encryption across sectors like BFSI, Government, Education, logistics, healthcare, E-commerce, etc. Through our SSL and TLS certificates, customers can ensure accountability while browsing the web for their needs and be confident while making transactions. A seamless and secure digital experience is a priority for everyone, and SSL/TLS certificates issued under emSign will instill confidence and trust amongst businesses and government authorities, as the data stays in India with limited or no reliance on foreign players”.

Operated under the brand “emSign”, Businesses can get the certificates online from the website, or through eMudhra resellers. emSign certificates support modern ACME APIs, as well as web server agents to adopt automation. Domain validated certificates are issued instantly and meet the global compliance requirements. Enterprises/Businesses can also get Organization/Extended validated certificates to display their identity as part of the certificates. This offering is also available in wildcard and Unified Communication Certificates (UCC) categories for multiple website support and is compatible with all major browsers in the world.

emSign by eMudhra is a Managed PKI Ecosystem and a Globally Trusted Root to issue X.509 certificates for a multitude of use-cases across industries. From issuance of SSL/TLS certificates that are trusted by all major web browsers to SMIME and Code Sign Certificates, emSign powers businesses to achieve identity assurance through seamless issuance and management of public certificates at scale. Businesses, large enterprises and IoT companies across the globe can deploy certificates issued by emSign to make safe transactions, protect network and device, and all communication from cyber-attacks.

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