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XR Central sets eyes on $1527 billion Metaverse market in 2029 

XR Central sets eyes on $1527 billion Metaverse market in 2029


XR Central sets eyes on $1527 billion Metaverse market in 2029 

Following an extremely successful display of their progressive, imaginative, and game-changing metaverse technology, the MetaQube, at one of the world’s largest tech start-up events – GITEX 2022, Dubai, XR Central is now making its way to yet another leading start-up event – Slush 2022, Finland, Helsinki.

This November, Slush will be hosting over 4600 start-up founders and operators, 2600 investors, 400 media representatives, and 12000 curious minds at the Helsinki Expo & Convention Centre. They’re bringing the global start-up ecosystem under one roof, with a meticulously curated line-up of relevant speakers, and industry leaders, hundreds of micro-events taking place throughout the Slush Week, and limitless opportunities for quality networking, learning, and growth. What makes Slush 2022 unique is the inclusive experience leading to fruitful opportunities for every person, company, or organisation attending the event.

XR Central, one of India’s leading start-ups specialising in Metaverse Technology has been invited to showcase its vision and products at the event. They have been chosen by the Start-Up India Program to represent the country and its technological capabilities. Earlier in October, they launched their unique Metaverse Building Platform, the MetaQube, for a global audience at GITEX 2022, while announcing their aim to implement a new layer of the Web3 Ecosystem and combine blockchain technology with their current innovations. Within a short period of time, XR Central has managed to successfully deliver on this announcement, opening up new doors and revealing new applications for their Web3 Tech Stack enhanced technology.

In an eye-opening conversation with the founders, Anshul Agarwal & Shrey Mishra, we were able to sufficiently capture the enormity and significance of this opportunity for them, their mission, and their entire team.

“Participating in Slush 2022 is a gigantic opportunity and achievement for us at XR Central, but this event holds a lot of strategic and personal significance for us as well. Hosted in Finland, which is a gaming hub, makes the location ideal for XR Central to cement its presence. The opportunity to attend Slush 2022 gives us the added privilege of personally visiting and understanding the culture and requirements of the country, as we are hoping to set up a permanent office operating in Finland. What’s more is that we come from a gaming background, and the foundational definition of the Metaverse for us is the evolution of online and immersive gaming experiences. Finland’s reputation as a respected gaming hub makes this all the more special.

The cherry on top of this entire experience is the opportunity to represent India on a global stage at Slush, where we will be showcasing our products newly enhanced by the Web3 Tech Stack. We are extremely excited to prove to the world that India is among the leaders in Metaverse Technology.”

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