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Best Agrolife Ltd Pioneers Indian Agrochemical Industry with Fomesafen Technical 95% ww Production

Best Agrolife Ltd Makes Strides in Agriculture with Fomesafen Technical 95% ww


Best Agrolife Ltd Pioneers Indian Agrochemical Industry with Fomesafen Technical 95% ww Production

Best Agrolife Ltd (BAL), a leading provider of crop solutions in India, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Indian agrochemical company to manufacture Fomesafen Technical 95% w/w. The Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee (CIBRC) recently granted registration under section 9 (3) for the indigenous manufacturing of this vital technical to one of BAL’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, Best Crop Science Pvt Ltd.

Fomesafen is a selective herbicide that offers versatile solutions for farmers across India. Its unique formulation allows for the control of broadleaf weeds, grasses, and sedges in soybeans. Fomesafen can be applied pre-plant, pre-emergence, or post-emergence, making it adaptable to various farming practices.

The selective nature of Fomesafen ensures effective weed control while minimizing harm to desirable crops. It is absorbed by leaves and roots and exhibits limited translocation in the phloem, ensuring targeted effectiveness. This characteristic makes Fomesafen an ideal choice for farmers seeking to optimize crop health and productivity while maintaining sustainability.

The registration of Fomesafen Technical 95% w/w underscores BAL’s commitment to agricultural innovation and its dedication to providing farmers with effective tools to enhance crop yields and resilience. In addition to Fomesafen, BAL has recently secured a patent for its Tricolor innovation and registration for indigenous manufacturing of Warden Extra. The company has also introduced Shot Down, a patented herbicidal composition containing Haloxyfop, Imazethapyr, and Butylated Hydroxy, poised to revolutionize soybean cultivation.

BAL has been in the spotlight recently for proposing the acquisition of Sudarshan Farm Chemicals India Pvt Ltd. (SFCL), an established name in the field of agrochemicals and innovative process chemistries, with an IP portfolio of 10 patents (applied). This strategic move is expected to further strengthen BAL’s position in the agrochemical industry and enhance its ability to deliver innovative solutions to farmers.

BAL’s achievement in manufacturing Fomesafen Technical 95% w/w marks a significant advancement in the Indian agrochemical sector. By pioneering the production of this crucial herbicide, BAL is not only contributing to the growth of the industry but also empowering farmers with effective and sustainable crop protection solutions.

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