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Best Agrolife Ltd Receives Registration for Revolutionary Formulation ‘Defender’

Best Agrolife Ltd's Defender Registration


Best Agrolife Ltd Receives Registration for Revolutionary Formulation ‘Defender’

In a significant development for the agriculture sector, Best Agrolife Ltd (BAL), a leading agrochemical manufacturer in India, has secured registration for its patented formulation ‘Defender‘. This groundbreaking formulation, tailored for paddy cultivation, promises to revolutionize crop protection strategies and enhance yields for farmers across the country.

The Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee (CIBRC) has granted registration under section 9(3) to Seedlings India Pvt Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Best Agrolife Ltd. Branded as Defender, this innovative formulation combines Pymetrozine 30%, Dinotefuran 10%, and Pyraclostrobin 20%, providing dual-action protection against insect pests and fungal diseases in paddy crops.

Defender offers farmers a potent solution to combat common fungal diseases such as Early Blight, Frog eye leaf spot, Alternaria leaf spot, and Alternaria leaf blight. Compared to conventional solutions, Defender provides four times stronger protection, ensuring healthier crops and increased productivity. Moreover, it effectively eradicates Brown Planthopper (BPH), a major threat to paddy crops, thereby improving yields and crop resilience.

BAL is gearing up to commence commercial production and sales of Defender from May 2024. The company estimates an annual business size of 150 crores, with an initial revenue projection of approximately 80 to 100 crores. BAL anticipates steady growth in revenue over the coming years as adoption of Defender increases among farmers.

This milestone underscores BAL’s commitment to driving innovation in agriculture and empowering farmers with advanced solutions. Defender is a testament to this commitment, offering farmers a powerful tool to overcome challenges and achieve success in paddy cultivation.

BAL’s dedication to agricultural innovation is further exemplified by recent milestones, including the registration of Fomesafen Technical 95% w/w, patent acquisition for Tricolor innovation, indigenous manufacturing registration for Warden Extra, and the introduction of Shot Down, a patented herbicidal composition set to revolutionize soybean cultivation.

Furthermore, BAL has recently proposed to acquire Sudarshan Farm Chemicals India Pvt Ltd. (SFCL), a renowned player in agrochemicals with a notable IP portfolio of 10 patents (applied). This strategic move is expected to further strengthen BAL’s position in the market and expand its portfolio of innovative agricultural solutions.

Overall, the registration of Defender marks a significant achievement for Best Agrolife Ltd, signaling a new era of innovation and growth in the agriculture sector. As farmers continue to face evolving challenges, BAL remains committed to providing them with cutting-edge solutions to enhance productivity, profitability, and sustainability in agriculture.

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