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Ultraviolette acquires Connected vehicle tech start-up Triloki Smart Systems

Ultraviolette buys Connected vehicle tech start-up Triloki Smart Systems


Ultraviolette acquires Connected vehicle tech start-up Triloki Smart Systems

Ultraviolette, an innovator in sustainable mobility, today announced the successful acquisition of Triloki Smart Systems, a connected vehicle technology start-up, in a push towards scaling up its Automotive Intelligence Platform across multiple products and geographies.

Triloki Smart Systems is a Bangalore-based technology start-up that powers connected vehicle ecosystems with its advanced device technology and next-gen riding experiences. Triloki was founded in 2018 by Dr Yagna Kalyanaraman and Parikshit Chipalkatti.

Ultraviolette has actively been developing an Automotive Intelligence Platform, the software-based backbone for its connected vehicles to enable direct data-based insights, intelligent diagnostics, predictive maintenance and an industry-first feature enabling performance-oriented owner personalization of the F77 through Over-the-Air updates.

Commenting on the acquisition, Narayan Subramaniam, CEO at Ultraviolette, stated, “We welcome the exceptional team at Triloki to the Ultraviolette fold. At Ultraviolette, all our products are designed with the aim of delivering an unparalleled user experience and that’s where Triloki’s expertise in building customised software-enabled solutions will play an integral role. As we gear up for the launch of the F77 in India and for subsequent international scaling, our goal is to build a limitless suite of software-based features in line with emerging global requirements of connected vehicle ecosystems and services. We are thrilled to be working with the excellent engineering team from Triloki”.

Niraj Rajmohan, Co-founder and CTO of Ultraviolette, said “Ultraviolette’s Intelligence Platform and Triloki’s Connected Technology creates a powerful combination for software-defined automotive innovations. We are confident that working closely with the Triloki team will enable us to revolutionize our software platform and allow us to easily expand and scale our business globally.”

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In a globally evolving EV marketplace, Ultraviolette is setting new benchmarks when it comes to delivering a superior experience for its customers in terms of interaction with their vehicles and performance. Through this acquisition, Ultraviolette is bringing together a like-minded team of experts focusing on technology infrastructure to support seamless interactions across riders, vehicles, data centres and applications.

Dr Yagna Kalyanaraman, Co-founder and CEO of Triloki Smart Systems, said “We’re delighted to be joining Ultraviolette! This will enable us to fully concentrate on the digital experience while delivering on our commitment to deliver high performance, robust and comprehensive solutions for the connected vehicle of the future.”

Ultraviolette is on a mission to enable advanced performance, seamless user experience and cutting-edge clean mobility through the F77 and its Connected Vehicle Platform. Ultraviolette’s flagship product, the F77 first launches in India in H1 2022 and is followed by North America and Europe, planned for 2023.

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