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BOOTES and CargoPeople Launch Net-Zero Cold Storage Initiative to Tackle Food Waste in India

Net-Zero Cold Storage


BOOTES and CargoPeople Launch Net-Zero Cold Storage Initiative to Tackle Food Waste in India

In a groundbreaking partnership, BOOTES, India’s first Net-Zero company, and CargoPeople, one of India’s leading multimodal logistics companies, have joined forces to launch Net-Zero Cold Storage. This innovative venture aims to address India’s critical food waste challenge while also reducing the nation’s energy demand by utilizing renewable energy sources.

The joint venture’s mission is clear: to prevent food waste in India and ensure that no child goes hungry. By leveraging sustainable technologies and finance expertise from URBS (Urban Systems AB), the venture plans to build Net-Zero cold storage facilities across the country. Their ambitious goal is to deliver $1 billion in net-zero cold storage projects over the next five years.

BOOTES Cold Chain, with its expertise in Net-Zero technology and infrastructure, will lead the initiative, supported by CargoPeople’s proficiency in supply chain management. Net-zero cold storage is expected to reduce food waste from 40% to 5% over the next decade, making it 50% more efficient than traditional cold storage systems. This improvement will also increase the shelf life of perishable goods.

BOOTESx CargoPeople

Deepak Rai, Founder and Managing Director at BOOTES, emphasized the urgency of the initiative, stating, “There will be an unmatched rise in temperature in the coming decade, and energy consumption will be higher than ever. Approximately 60% of crops might get wasted in India. Our cold storage model is aligned with the government’s NET-ZERO 2070 goals, and we hope that it will positively impact the children and the farmers of India.”

Manuj Adlakha, Founder and CEO of CargoPeople, highlighted the challenges faced by India’s cold chain sector, including power outages, operational costs, and fragmented infrastructure. However, he also emphasized the sector’s growth potential, with the Indian cold chain market projected to reach INR 3,79,870 crore by 2028. Adlakha expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, “This collaboration has brought together our mutual expertise, resources, and commitment to making a positive impact.”

Net-Zero Cold Storage is not only environmentally friendly but also economically beneficial, with the potential to decrease electricity consumption costs by 60% and offset 80% of carbon emissions. The initiative aligns with India’s NET-ZERO goals and has the potential to revolutionize the cold storage landscape in the country.

As the joint venture prepares to launch its first Net-Zero Cold Storage facility in India, it represents a significant step forward in the fight against food waste and the promotion of sustainable practices in the country’s cold chain sector.

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