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JM Financial Private Equity Invests in Energy Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Fuelling Growth for Clear Premium Water

JM Financial Private Equity invests INR 45 Crore in Energy Beverages Pvt. Ltd.


JM Financial Private Equity Invests in Energy Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Fuelling Growth for Clear Premium Water

JM Financial Private Equity has announced a significant investment of INR 45 Crore in Energy Beverages Pvt. Ltd., the company behind the popular bottled water brand, Clear. The investment marks a strategic move by JM Financial to tap into the booming bottled water market in India, which is witnessing a shift towards organized brands due to factors like hygiene and health consciousness.

Clear, founded by first-generation entrepreneur Mr. Nayan Shah, has rapidly grown to become a key player in the HoReCa (hotels, restaurants & cafés) segment and is making strong inroads into the retail market across India. With over 18 years of experience in the beverage industry, Mr. Shah has steered Clear towards success with a focus on quality and innovation.

The investment from JM Financial will support Clear’s expansion plans, particularly in brand-building initiatives and enhancing its distribution network. Clear’s pan-India footprint and strategic distribution expansion align well with JM Financial’s investment strategy, which targets growth-oriented companies in the mid-market space.

Mr. Darius Pandole, MD & CEO – Private Equity, JM Financial, highlighted the potential of the Indian bottled water market, noting its under-penetrated and fragmented nature. He stated, “Clear has exhibited remarkable growth, securing a presence across the country. Backed by an experienced management team, Clear is poised to ascend and cement its position as one of the nation’s premier bottled water brands.”

Mr. Nayan Shah, Founder and CEO of Energy Beverages Pvt. Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with JM Financial, emphasizing Clear’s commitment to quality and innovation. He said, “Our company has witnessed exponential growth in the last three years, and we envisage an even more accelerated trajectory in the coming years. The capital infusion and partnership with JM Financial Private Equity will help us fast-track our current and future expansion plans.”

Clear’s focus on innovation is evident in its pioneering of vertical labelling and the use of square-shaped bottles, along with its introduction of sustainable options. These initiatives align with Clear’s vision of becoming a preeminent bottled water brand synonymous with trust and quality.

JM Financial’s investment in Energy Beverages Pvt. Ltd. marks the fifth investment from its Fund III and reflects its commitment to supporting growth-oriented companies in India’s mid-market segment. The partnership between JM Financial Private Equity and Clear is poised to drive significant growth and innovation in the bottled water industry, setting new benchmarks for quality and sustainability.

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