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Web3 Infrastructure Provider Zeeve Expands its Cloud Stack Integrating Google Cloud

Web3 Infrastructure Provider Zeeve Expands its Cloud Stack Integrating Google Cloud


Web3 Infrastructure Provider Zeeve Expands its Cloud Stack Integrating Google Cloud

Zeeve, the leading provider of managed Web3 infrastructure for enterprises has enabled support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for all their existing products. This grants users the option to choose from a host of cloud providers, including GCP, in order to meet their enterprise-grade infrastructure needs. They will get access to full, archive, and validator nodes in mere minutes using either Zeeve Managed Cloud available from major cloud providers including Google Cloud, or by configuring their own Google cloud account for hosting nodes.

The current tech stack of Zeeve includes nodes and API support for 20+ prominent public and private blockchain protocols, all the major app-chains, and a decentralized storage service ZDFS among others. Google cloud, on the other hand, is one of the most widely used and agile public cloud infrastructure platforms at this time. Its unmatched uptime, robust security, and numerous advantageous features at a competitive cost make it a desirable choice for developers.

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With this beneficial integration, Zeeve’s expansive offering enables more than 15,000 developers, start-ups and businesses to leverage its reliable web3 infrastructure and faultless back-end support. It allows them the peace of mind that their growth is backed by robust DevOps capabilities, maximum uptime availability, unlimited request volumes as well as comprehensive security – enabling a thriving enterprise ecosystem with limitless potential. “We are very excited to expand our cloud stack to Google Cloud. Now both Zeeve users and Google Cloud users can deploy and manage web3 infrastructure on GCP, including dedicated nodes for 20+ Blockchain protocols and networks for HyperLedger Fabric, R3 Corda, Fluree or Polygon Edge,” said, Dr. Ravi Chamria, the Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve.

Zeeve makes blockchain deployment and management easy with its comprehensive suite of Google Cloud-based features. From multi-account support to node resource monitoring and notifications, Zeeve ensures streamlined deployments across native Google Compute Engine-based deployments, as well as Google Kubernetes engine-based deployments for a variety of the most popular public and private protocols – Hyperledger Fabric, Avalanche, DCOMM, Binance, Ethereum, Fantom, Polygon Polkadot & Tron included. Users can also keep tabs on their nodes’ performance via metrics tracking. Zeeve is paving the way for a more secure, efficient future with their blockchain solutions. With consistent innovation and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, they are delivering cutting-edge features that optimize user experiences and simplify enterprise infrastructure.

Speaking of the integration, Ghan Vashishtha, co-founder and CTO, Zeeve said, “GCP is one of the most performing, stable and quality infrastructure providers available today and integrating GCP on Zeeve allows our customers to leverage their existing GCP accounts to deploy Enterprise grade Web3 infrastructure including Full nodes, Dedicated nodes, APIs, as well as, to build and scale their Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Besu or R3 Corda consortium networks.” As blockchain technology continues to gain traction, no-code/low-code infrastructure platforms will be pivotal in driving mass adoption. Innovators such as Zeeve are leading the charge, providing developers with sophisticated tools to construct pioneering web3 applications and advance this revolutionary space of technological transformation.

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