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Venue Finder : Monkey Bar – More than monkey business

My Big Plunge - Venue Finder - Monkey Bar


Venue Finder : Monkey Bar – More than monkey business

There’s one particular building in Vasant Kunj that attracts plenty of visitors despite the presence of the massive Promenade malls. That building is Monkey Bar – a netted pyramid shaped gastropub that is home to some of the most quirkiest and tastiest dishes money can buy. Check out the Sound Plunge Exclusive – Venue Finder : Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar exudes a diverse and heavily influenced vibe but somewhere down the line, it retains the ‘Indian’ factor. The USP – people from different walks of life can visit this place and experience its comfort factor.

Business Development Head Nakul Chandra said that Monkey Bar’s idea came from the lack of a space where people can enjoy a glass of alcohol after work as well as come for family dinners. With that approach, Monkey Bar’s aim is to give an experience that not only has comfort value but also value for money.

Apart from the usual continental jazz, Monkey Bar brings in lots of local flavours in both in its food and beverages. However, their signature dish is their burger that crowds lap it up with great relish.

On any given weekend, Monkey Bar is alive with customers from all walks of life who unwind with the place’s innovative and mouthwatering cuisines, tangy cocktails and catchy music.

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