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CyberPeace Foundation announces Global CyberPeace Challenge 2020

Kumar said the GCC 2020, themed Hack4CyberPeace, will have an exciting new ‘Cyber Policy and Strategy Challenge’.


CyberPeace Foundation announces Global CyberPeace Challenge 2020

The CyberPeace Foundation has announced Global CyberPeace Challenge (GCC) 2020 in an effort to promote digital skills and leadership. The GCC also recognizes and awards young talent, and encourages innovative technology enabled solutions to some urgent socio-economic challenges.Palo

Vineet Kumar Founder and President of CyberPeace Foundation, said the challenge comes at a time when the whole world is in lockdown, and people have been forced to move online for most of their activities. And this, he said has put day to day challenges at national and international levels in front of everyone. “The Global CyberPeace Challenge is a step in that direction to help solve some of the most urgent cyber issues through collective resilience and collaboration while recognizing and rewarding innovative solutions,” Kumar explained. “We hope to reach out to all non-techies and techies in this endeavour to make cyberspace truly inclusive and trustworthy.”

The challenge is in collaboration with Palo Alto Networks and The Hacking Lab, which will design the CTF challange. The Foundation has also partnered with an VJTI. will design the CTF (OT) challenge for the Grand Finale for GCC 2.0 and VJTI will design the challenges for the elimination round.

Kumar pointed out that the GCC 2020, themed Hack4CyberPeace, will have an exciting new ‘Cyber Policy and Strategy Challenge’, a competitive scenario simulation exercise to respond to a realistic, evolving international cyber crisis. The focus of this simulation is to understand the policy and strategy challenges and responses associated with the management of trade-offs during a national cyber crisis. Moreover, it will assess the cyber capabilities, responsibilities, policy and the current cyber governance structure. The challenge will be an all-virtual series of competitions, workshops and dialogues organized over a course of five months, starting October 2020. It comprises of three individual tracks – Cyber Policy & Strategy Challenge; Peace-a-Thon: The Innovation Challenge; and Capture the Flag (CTF). The challenge is designed to promote the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to solve socio-economic issues, is to open to individuals from any background. Over 50,000 individuals from across the world are expected to participate and they will have the chance to win prizes and goodies worth US$30,000. It will help create a platform for young talented minds to create innovative solutions to promote peace in cyberspace solving the crucial Techno-Social issues.

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