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G7 Summit: Nations to pledge 1 billion vaccine doses, could seek fresh probe into Covid origins

G7 summit: fresh probe into covid origins on agenda


G7 Summit: Nations to pledge 1 billion vaccine doses, could seek fresh probe into Covid origins

G7 nations are expected to call for a fresh probe into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and also pledge 1 billion doses of vaccines for countries around the world. A draft communique accessed by Bloomberg News said the G7 leaders will call for a “fresh, transparent, WHO-convened study” into the origins of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, India has said it will also support a new and transparent enquiry by the World Health Organisation.

“I think we have been very clear that we support the need for a follow-up to the WHO report on the origin of covid-19 and for further studies and we have called for understanding and cooperation of all in this regard,” Indian foreign ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi told reporters on the eve of the summit that is to start on Friday.

The UK , which is hosting the developed nations gathering in southwest England, said G7 leaders will agree to expand global Covid vaccine manufacturing to provide at least one billion doses to the world through sharing and financing schemes.

The G-7 leaders have faced mounting pressure to outline their global vaccine sharing plans, especially as inequities in supply around the world have become more pronounced. In the US, there is a large vaccine stockpile and the demand for shots has dropped precipitously in recent weeks.

Biden predicted the US doses and the overall G-7 commitment would “supercharge” the global vaccination campaign, adding that the US doses come with no strings attached.

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“Our vaccine donations don”t include pressure for favours or potential concessions,” Biden said. “We”re doing this to save lives, to end this pandemic, that”s it.”

He added: “Our values call on us to do everything that we can to vaccinate the world against COVID-19.”

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