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AppSay raises $150,000 seed funding from Venture Catalysts

AppSay raises $150,000 seed funding from Venture Catalysts - mybigplunge

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AppSay raises $150,000 seed funding from Venture Catalysts

Aiming to further scale its operations, business communication platform AppSay has raised seed funding of $150,000 from Venture Catalysts. The round was led by Shreyans Shah and Mayank Shah of Toyochem Laboratories.

The startup will use the investment to develop the tech framework to further refine its product.

Vaibhav Shewale, the co-founder of AppSay, said, “The funds will not only allow us to tap into newer markets to scale up our operations and sales but will also help in significantly enhancing and refining our offerings as we get ready for the global launch of our product.”

Venture Catalysts, who has recently expanded its operations into Surat are also looking to establish its physical presence in five cities in 2016 with an aim to expand to five more cities over the next two years.

Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, the co-founder of Venture Catalysts, said, “Given how fragmented business communications and lead generation around the world is at present, we are confident that AppSay will be able to transform the sector through its tech-driven, user-centric approach.”

Founded in 2015 by Vaibhav Shewale and Jeetendra Ghare, AppSay is known for its tech-driven and user-centric approach.

The platform protects customer information of businesses. It provides the end-user with a unique, non-intrusive way of reaching out to businesses like banks, schools, utilities, NGOs, hospitals, insurers and government departments for information, service and support.

Venture Catalysts has enabled over nine investments worth more than $3 million in promising start-ups such as vPhrase Analytics, Vahanalytics, Siftr and ConfirmTKT since the launch of its operations.

Shreyans Shah of Toyochem Laboratories, said, “AppSay is a highly cost-effective global product that offers brilliant solutions to businesses around the world to tackle the growing hassles associated with bulk SMS and emails. Its pull-based approach has all the necessary features that can help in protecting customer information.”

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