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Restless Desire: Lost in the North East


Restless Desire: Lost in the North East



Restless Desire: Lost in the North East


Very little is known about North Eastern artists and bands even though music is an integral part of the cultural fabric of the region. Restless Desire is one of the many talented bands from the region which somehow get lost in the more popular sounds of the “mainland”.

Driven by a motive to positively influence the youth of the North East, Restless Desire has developed its own unique progressive metal sound. Inspired by bands like Dream Theatre, Tool and Steel Heart; Restless Desire recently won the Meghalaya Icon 2013 to become the ambassadors for the M.A.C. AIDS Awareness Campaign. This is in tandem with their social outreach as a band, as they are lyrically inclined to writing about topics like anti-corruption and peace.

Restless Desire is relentlessly trying to help the music scene in the North East which lacks promoters and venues alike. They have started a jamming room to allow local bands to develop their music, and are also trying to create a platform for upcoming local acts by organizing small gigs. It is heart-warming to see a band constantly looking for ways to create a change in the musical and social landscape; and in the process encouraging and promoting other bands and artists from the region.

Image Caption: Restless Desire Band Vocalist: Salrik Tengchu, Guitarist: Chin Marak, Guitarist: Rem Shira, Bassist: Mervin Sangma, Drummer: Chigring Daniel — atShillong, Meghalaya.



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