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Demonic Resurrection Gear Up For a UK Tour


Demonic Resurrection Gear Up For a UK Tour

Soon after they released a demo version of a single titled “Death, Desolation and Despair” (listen here) from their upcoming album The Demon King, indie death metallers Demonic Resurrection have announced their UK club tour dates from July 7 to July 13 along with British extreme metal band De Profundis. Demonic Resurrection, who are no newbie to UK’s performing metal scene, have made an appearance at the Bloodstock Festival in 2012 and are warming up to their UK tour by performing at Scotland’s Les Fest on June 27 this year.

Sahil Makhija, frontman who sports the moniker Demonstealer, says, “This tour has been a long time coming for us. We had planned a similar tour in 2011 when we got booked for Sonisphere Festival but due to visa issues it never happened. When we came for Bloodstock in 2012 we were unable to materialize anything more than an additional show in London but this time we’ve managed to get a decent number of shows and we’re really looking forward to playing for the UK metal fans.”

The Demon King, their fourth full-length upcoming album, will be released in the UK through Candlelight Records on July 14, a day after the tour culminates. While waiting on a confirmation for a string of additional shows, the band is looking forward to playing at Germany’s biggest metal fest, Wacken Open Air, in the first week of August.

To know about Sahil Makhija’s counterpoint musical tastes, other than metal (one would be surprised!), click here. If Indian metal being represented internationally is a feat in itself, then why shouldn’t there be a grand-scale metal festival in India? To contribute to Bangalore Open Air’s crowdfunding efforts, click here.

The tour dates

The tour dates

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