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Vasuda Album Launch: Tuning the Spirits


Vasuda Album Launch: Tuning the Spirits


Vasuda Sharma

Vasuda, bringing out the diva in you

Vasuda Album Launch: Tuning the Spirits


The diva from Aasma is all set to debut her album at the BFlat Highnote and Dining Bar this Friday, October 16th. After years of honing her musical identity, from pop into contemporary and relevant sounds, her new album features a lot of external instruments played on record by The Spirits.


This funky singer-songwriter mix, which has been growing exponentially of late, is one that works well on both on record and live and is probably what the Bangalore crowd will be expecting at her album launch. Even playing solo, Vasudha Sharma has brilliantly incorporated the use of electronica and live looping, so there may be some of that too.


BFlat has always been a venue that pursued the indie scene. Hosting scores of artists and bands, both underground and well-renowned, the restro-bar is the perfect podium for artists to promote things such as a new album like Attuned Spirits via a launch. Hits from the album, which she has already performed before like “Jaagi Jaagi Raina” and “Cruel World” are bound to be crowd favourites. With a host of extremely talented instrumentalists playing pianos to cellos to saxophones to violins, let’s she who she brings along to jam with her live.


Vasudha Sharma releases her debut album Attuned Spirits at BFlat Highnote and Dining, Bangalore on Friday 18 Oct.

Check out some of her new stuff at




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