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Biryani Galore: The best biryani joints


Biryani Galore: The best biryani joints



Lazeez Chicken Biryani



Biryani Galore: The best biryani joints

Specialists say that biryani is one of most nutritionally balanced meal with its quota of carbs, proteins, fat and some vitamins and minerals thrown around for good measure. We however believe that it is the Ultimate Food which satiates the senses like none other. So, this Eid, we provide you with the best places for biryani across BangloreHyderabad and Chennai to dig into. Bakr-id, also called Id-ul-Azha, is one of the most important Muslim festivals. Bakr-id is celebrated in commemoration of Abraham’s willingness to offer his only son as a sacrifice at God’s command. On this day, goats are sacrificed as an offering. Visits to friends and family are mostly followed by tucking into some exquisite food.


For starters, try Mani’s Dum Biryani in Koramangala. Located near Jyothi Nivas College in Banglore, a meal for two averages at Rs. 400. Their wide ranges of starters perfectly complement the fixed range of mouth-watering biryanis they have. The chicken, fish and prawn biryanis are decent most days of the week. However, go for their mutton biryani and you won’t come away disappointed. It’s the perfect way to spend the evening on Eid.


If in Hyderabad, stop by at the Al Saba Restaurant in Gachibowli, near Diamond Hills. There are some really good flavours in the mutton over there and true biryani lovers don’t need ambiance, service, location and other material stuff. The taste is ultimately what they cater to, and it excels at doing so. A meal for two will set you back by Rs.750.


And finally, if you are anywhere near Chennai, it’s time for you to take a road trip. Just 3 hours away lies the famous Ambur STAR Biryani, in Ambur. Even though they have branched out over the last few years and have another restaurant in Chennai, go to the original one. Operating for generations with the same recipe, their biryanis will make you drool and worth every penny of Rs. 300 that you will spend on a meal for two.




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