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Weekend Collection #13


Weekend Collection #13




Sigur Ros at The Purple Wedding Cover Edit

Sigur Ros at The Purple Wedding, perform The Rains of Castamere in front of the camera in HBO’s ongoing series Game of Thrones.



Weekend Collection #13


Imagine a life without new songs. We for one cannot imagine one, no not even a boring existence, where we did not lookfor new music every day, or have that sensation of falling hard over a song all of a sudden again and yet again, with that one song that gets you. Here’s our Weekend Collection for this week, keepsake songs which keep us going.



Shantanu Pandit – “Funeral Spark”


If you dig Ben Howard’s strumming and John Mayer’s laidback drawl, Shantanu Pandit might be the guy you need to put your ear out for. Being a singer-songwriter based out of Delhi, he has also founded Run! It’s The Kid which does mellow acoustic folk down the same line. Plug in your earphones and listen to this saga of poetic nothings whispered away to a not-desperate-for-attention folksy tune. To quote Kurt Vonnegut, if this isn’t nice, what is?



[avideo videoid=”YKDqYbp9e94″]















Grey Shack – “Country Song”



This should probably have been called “Not Your Typical Country Song” instead of its current nom-de-plume. If you miss 80s rock-and-roll (we do, very much) you get your dose of infectious electric guitar leads to party it up on. This song is part of its collective releases called Soundgarden Sessions. While American band Soundgarden might have slipped up with their latest lukewarm album King Animal that came out in 2014, this song is definitely not lacking in inspiration.



[avideo videoid=”CfwMtHa-VpM”]















Sigur Ros – “Rains of Castamere”



“The Rains of Castamere”, Ramin Dwajadi’s astounding composition, also one of HBO’s celebrated series Game of Thrones’ signature songs, is given yet another twist with Icelandic troupe Sigur Ros’ cover of it. (Some trivia for the band fans here, they even appeared in costume to play at King Goffrey’s wedding in the second episode of ongoing Season 4.) The build-up is bewitching with a Gregorian-esque chant, with lead vocalist ‘Jonsi’ Jon Por Birgisson’s voice accompanied by a church organ, which leads onto some more sombre vocals, quite different from the last time the song appeared, however equally eerie. Meanwhile, check out Krish Ashok’s fanciful raaga-fied cover while you’re at it.



[avideo videoid=”w3QW8PVyyNM”]














Antemasque – “Hanging in the Lurch”


American rockers Antemasque’s one album-long discography was pre-dated by this single “Hanging in the Lurch”, a confident lurch into the world of punk-rockdom, pre the launch of their album. Cedric Bixler Zavala and Omar Rodrigues (you know them from Mars Volta) have come together to form a new band with Flea or Michael Peter Balzary (Red Hot Chilli Peppers ring a bell?) Let it grow on you, as Omar’s signature fast-paced leads merge with the Mars Volta style of lyrics.  Here have a listen.


[avideo videoid=”ybOOTCLc7PU”]
















Yanni – “Rainmaker”


Greek pianist and composer beyond compare, Yanni, was recently spotted in Bangalore, and we took back with us the memory of this particular song as a precious keepsake. The haunting didgeridoo rhythms mixed with violins make for an unusual yet captivating sound to keep for longer. The live act was fantastic, but a recorded version will do too.



[avideo videoid=”RvJH_POzxmc”]
















Agnee ft. Indian Ocean – “Pair Anaadi”



Rahul Ram’s baritone meets Kannan Mohan’s croon, as Indian Ocean’s fusion and folk- street style political commentary meets Agnee’s pop to make for a catchy yet meaningful piece. In the current political scenario the song fits the bill. Bechoon apne vote fir bhi apne kismet ko daatun/ Murgi bhi soche ki woh zinda lautegi kya Turkey se/ Eid mubaarak tumhe bakriyaa. Check out the song here.



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