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Five Must-Haves for a Fantastic Holi Party


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Five Must-Haves for a Fantastic Holi Party

Holi parties are quite the fantasy for party throwing enthusiasts (like us) but can turn into a nightmare quite easily, if not tended to well in advance. Since holi events are often not very far away from inebriated party poopers, it is advisable that you have everything in place before you set out to throw your all-fabulous event for those near and dear ones.

Setting Ground Rules

Since Holi is about breaking unwritten rules of conduct it is possible for guests to get quite unruly and annoying in the heat of the moment. It always helps if you start off by setting some rules, as long as they’re reasonable and you do not sound like a dictator while pronouncing them. Start off by dividing the whole bunch (before it gets unruly) with a simple game of tag and ease in the rules via that. People will stick to ‘em even after the game is over and it’ll help the strangers get used to each other. Unagi.

Ample Supply of Water

There is nothing called too much water for holi. (And of course that is relative; we’re environmentally conscious #thankyouverymuch) While it is a good idea to make coloured water scarce after a point, (say about the third kid slips and falls, it’s time for a wrap), water is always more precious during holi days. To save on this, it is a great idea to have temporary porta cabins planted at wee ends of the garden to make sure everybody gets a good wash and an option to change into dry clothes in some privacy. Alternatively, hose pipes and a pile of dry towels in a corner will do the trick.

Slather me Good

While colours might or mightn’t be your worst enemies, a good dose of coconut oil all over your body is definitely your friend. Apply before and after colour strikes. Alternatively, a homemade pack of chick-pea flour and scented walnut oil can help remove the toughest stains.

Gujiya Stories

Every party, especially if you’re throwing it for Indians will more often than not, centre around food. Remember that gujiya your aunt made during that trip to Dibrugarh? Well if you get down to it, gujiyas are achievable targets without your mother/grand mother’s presence.  Here is a quick recipe to get you started. Bazaar made gujiyas might be as tasty, but they won’t get you close to as much love and fawning as a plate of homemade sweets.

Quietly Discipline Nazis on Colour Duty

They’re easy to spot. Usually they will closely resemble your boogeyman descriptions while your child’s eating dinner. Not content with being coloured in silver, purple and every other environmentally toxic chemical that they can lay their dim-witted hands on, they will pursue you, ignore your dire threats and colour your inner cornices till it stopped being fun eons ago. If you cry torture, they will get on the offensive about how unsporting you are to deny their largesse. (Yes, it is an honour to be coloured in paint that will melt plastic. Did you not know?)

Quick Fix: Speak to such blessed people calmly, but firmly. Do not give in to politeness, if you’re the host. Send them for a wash and direct them gently (but firmly) towards food. Best line to use: You should probably have that bath now.

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