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GetVantage partners with IPV to invest 200 crores in 500 businesses

GetVantage partners with IPV to invest INR 200 crore in 500+ businesses over the next 12 months

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GetVantage partners with IPV to invest 200 crores in 500 businesses

GetVantage, India’s leading Revenue-Based Financing (RBF) platform, and early-stage investing platform Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) have partnered this year amidst a funding winter. The partnership gives a combined portfolio of around 1,500 digital businesses and startups access to equity and revenue-based financing growth capital to extend their runway.

GetVantage and IPV are both sector-agnostic financing platforms and have a founders-first approach when it comes to funding early-stage startups and businesses.

The partnership would have access to each other’s portfolio base and would invest in both new businesses and existing startups in form of equity as well as revenue-based growth capital, depending on the business requirements. Together, GetVantage and IPV have provided funding and equity respectively to over 500 businesses so far.

Through this partnership, IPV brands will have easy and quick access to Revenue-Based Financing from GetVantage, and GetVantage portfolio brands can reach out to IPV for equity capital, making the entire funding process seamless and efficient.

Bhavik Vasa, Founder & CEO, GetVantage said, “The rationale behind this partnership was to ensure that businesses get easy and faster access to funds amidst a funding winter and a possible global downturn. This fund allocation has been done to help businesses scale when other alternative forms of financing seem difficult to get hold of.”

The partnership will not only pave way for new businesses to access equity as well as non-equity capital as and when required but will also help the larger set of portfolio companies with a range of value-added services like diverse investor network, business opportunities, credits of new-age organizations to help business growth and mentorship.

GetVantage and Inflection Point Ventures share a bunch of brands under their portfolio across SaaS, CleanTech, EV and Health-focused D2C brands amongst others. Some brands include companies such as BluSmart, Buyofuel, Almo, Macmerise and The Healthy Company. Other brands that have received investments from both financing platforms are Pumpumpum, Truly Madly, and Mobigarage among others.

Mitesh Shah, Co-Founder, Inflection Point Ventures shares, “This partnership is symbiotic and immensely beneficial to founders in the current macroeconomic and funding environment. Leveraging this partnership, many founders can set the business on the path of faster growth and unlocking value faster.”

Founded in late 2019, GetVantage has funded over 450 businesses so far and continues to lead the non-dilutive funding space, helping businesses in diversified sectors including D2C, EV, eCommerce, B2B SaaS, cleantech, edtech and more. Meanwhile, Inflection Point Ventures, set up in 2018, has over 7,000 investors on its platform who have invested in around 150 startups so far. The angel investment platform supports new-age entrepreneurs by helping them with monetary as well as experiential capital via the diverse group of investors on the platform.

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