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Avni launches a range of plant-based menstrual hygiene products

Avni launches a range of plant-based menstrual hygiene products
A holistic menstrual care startup Avni has launched a range of plant-based menstrual hygiene products.

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Avni launches a range of plant-based menstrual hygiene products

A holistic menstrual care startup Avni has launched a range of plant-based menstrual hygiene products, including bio-enzyme period wear liquid cleaner, menstrual cup wash and anti-bacterial intimate wipes. The brand has been working towards breaking misconceptions associated with the use of cloth-based sanitary pads during menstruation.

The startup is determined to reinvent the traditional Indian methods of menstrual care and offers well researched, innovative, tested products to facilitate women’s hygiene during periods that have been explored on the backbone of authentic Indian methods.

Sujata Pawar, Founder, Avni, points out that commercial companies over the years have demonized the use of cloth-based pads and hygiene products. “However, it is a sheer misconception that cloth-based pads are unhygienic or harmful. On the contrary, clean cloth-based pads are chemical-free, skin-friendly and cause no harm to the women or the environment. We are trying to create awareness and provide a more viable solution to women. With launch of these new products, we expect the usage of cloth pads will rise and Avni will become travel buddy products for women.”

The newly launched products are:

Avni Period Wear Wash: this is India’s first 100% plant-based liquid wash designed specifically to fight period blood stains and odor of body fluids effectively. It has a blend of plant-based surfactants, bio-enzymes and green tea to protect our precious period panties, cloth pads and panty liners. The acid, caustic and bleach free wash releases no toxic effluents and comes packed in a recycled packaging.

Avni Menstrual Cup Wash: this 100% plant-based liquid wash, can be used for washing and cleaning of menstrual cups. The wash is fragrance free and safe for the silicone-based cup. The wash will be accompanied by India’s first anti-microbial cloth wipe for cleaning the menstrual cups post wash. The Avni Period Wear Wash and Avni Menstrual Cup Wash will be available in 100ml pack at the price of INR249, and are available at the brand’s website and will be available on ecommerce platforms.

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Avni Antibacterial Intimate Wipes: the product is made of natural biodegradable fibres, without any alcohol. These wipes are gynecologist approved and are enriched with pH balanced at 3.5, aloe vera, vitamin E and tea tree extracts. These wipes prevent rashes, allergies and infections. These wipes are perfect partners for use during periods, pre/post sexual activity and after urination. The travel friendly pack of eight wipes is priced INR 59, and may be availed at the brand’s website.

The brand’s current array includes Avni natural cotton sanitary pads, reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups beyond the newly launched products. The products are apt for especially those women who have sensitive skin and are in immediate need for an organic and infection free solution to manage their periods better. Avni has been simultaneously working towards creating more awareness around menstrual care. In line with the same, it also launched India’s first-period care 24×7 helpline accessible via WhatsApp, call and sms.

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