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Google to provide free cloud services to 1000 Indian start-ups in 2016

My Big Plunge - Google to provide free cloud services


Google to provide free cloud services to 1000 Indian start-ups in 2016

The start-up industry in India is on an upward surge. It continues to get a lot of funding and support from the government and funding ventures. On November 18, good news for the industry came through global search engine Google who announced that it will offer 1000 top start-ups in India free credits worth $20,000 of Google cloud services from 2016.

Start-ups which are lesser than five years old and have lower than $5 million funding will be eligible for the credits.

Many start-ups face problems because they don’t have enough computing power and thus struggle to grow. This move will help them take their companies to the next level. Not only this, the search-engine giant will also provide some deployment costs to companies to set themselves up as one of the ‘Google for work partners’.

“With the second largest developer population in the world, India is poised to be home to the next generation of global software firms. We will further bring down the barriers for companies to make the switch to Google Apps,” said Amit Singh, President, Google for Work.

Many top companies already use Google’s IT and cloud computing services. India in the last few years has seen the growth of a sound start-up ecosystem. According to a NASSCOM and Zinnov Consulting report titled “Start-up India—Momentous Rise of the India Start-up Ecosystem, released in October 2015, India is placed third among the global start-up ecosystem. The country has around 4200-4400 technology-driven product start-ups so far.

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