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Entrepreneurs’ Organisation India and IBM host forum on Cognitive Computing and Cloud Platforms

The forum discussed how Cognitive Computing and Cloud Platforms will change the future of businesses


Entrepreneurs’ Organisation India and IBM host forum on Cognitive Computing and Cloud Platforms

The Delhi chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) organized an interactive session for their entrepreneurs at IBM Client Center, Delhi with Mr. Karan Bajwa, Managing Director, IBM India. In this session, the attendees were given an understanding of how Cognitive Computing and Cloud Platform solutions can help companies unleash a new era of innovation and growth. The event was part of a series which EO organizes for its members to get insights from top business leaders on various aspects of running a business.

Talking about the industry landscape, Mr. Bajwa said, “This era of Cognitive and Cloud will change the way business and societies operate. In this era, our clients are going to make 3 key architecture decisions that’s going to determine the course for the next 25 years –  cloud, data architecture and artificial intelligence.”

Karan Bajwa, Managing Director, IBM India

Mr. Bajwa also talked in depth about IBM’s strategy in India to make digital transformation a reality for businesses.  Sriram Raghavan, Director, IBM Research India and Kurup Prasad, Partner Digital, IBM India/South Asia had also participated in the event.

The IBM team also demonstrated the ease of development of a virtual assistant for digital channels, leveraging Watson conversation service on IBM Cloud Platform – IBM Bluemix. Two IBM partners – Talview and Findability Sciences, demonstrated how they adopted IBM Cloud platform and Watson API capabilities to build and scale their solutions.

Mr. Bajwa also reiterated IBM’s three key differentiators – Industry depth, Technology expertise, and Ecosystem focus.

“This session helped us better comprehend how businesses are done differently, and I am sure a lot of EO members would start thinking on those lines to scale their businesses to greater heights,” said Sachin Mehra, EO Delhi, (Communications Chair).

Drawing upon a specific use case – Cognitive Fashion, Sriram Raghavan shared insights on how Cognitive solutions can help enhance a customer’s retail browsing or buying experience, while  Kurup Prasad presented on how Digital transformation is not about the technology, but more about the organization’s aspirations for their customers, employees, and ecosystem.



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