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KartRocket launched its new service KartRocket Lite to bring SMEs to e-commerce and social-media

KartRocket Lite
With KartRocket's new launch, KartRocket Lite, small entrepreneurs can now set up an e-commerce outlet and utilise social media platforms to as well to drive sales and communicate with customers


KartRocket launched its new service KartRocket Lite to bring SMEs to e-commerce and social-media

To enable small-scale entrepreneurs to expand their businesses online, e-commerce enabler KartRocket launched its new service KartRocket Lite. It is an easy, affordable plan designed for up and coming e-commerce entrepreneurs to set up an online store for just INR 200. In addition, KartRocket Lite will offer last-mile logistics, simpler payment methods and personalized assistance through the building process.

Saahil Goel, CEO and Co-Founder, KartRocket , says, “Through KartRocket Lite, we intend to aid the local and fledgling businesses across India and connect them with buyers, helping scale their business.”

Geared with e-commerce solutions, shipping services and more, KartRocket Lite is putting the impetus on simplicity and uses AI driven chat-bots to educate sellers through the on-boarding process. Looking to democratize e-commerce further and help SMEs with the right products approach relevant customers, they will also assist in building social media presence to drive sales using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Through this brands could share content, interact with customers directly, include personalized branding and gain insight from social media platforms.

Since SMEs often operate with low budgets they often hesitate to experiment monetarily, this is where KartRocket Lite steps in to “encourage such entrepreneurs’ set-up their online business easily, quickly and economically,” added Saahil. He goes on to say, “Our tech enabled onboarding system, combined with full-fledged training, help sellers DIY and manage their web shops from the KartRocket mobile app at their convenience, without emptying their pockets.”

Another focus of the e-commerce enablement platform is helping female entrepreneurs and homepreneurs who may be small, local retailers in running a side business at their leisure.

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