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Twitter now allows you to ‘soft block’ annoying followers

Twitter now allows you to ‘soft block’ annoying followers

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Twitter now allows you to ‘soft block’ annoying followers

Twitter has rolled out a new feature that would allow users on the web to remove a follower without blocking them. The microblogging site called this new action “soft block”. Currently, this feature is not available on the mobile version of Twitter. It is more of a gentler way to create some distance between you and someone else on the micro-blogging platform.

Here’s how you can “soft block” a follower

Head to your profile

Move to followers

click the three-dot menu next to a follower

click the option “Remove this follower”

Notably, you will be able to see what that option looks like in an image from Twitter at the top of this post. A follower you remove won’t be notified of the change.

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How is it different from a block

This is different than blocking someone, which keeps them from viewing your tweets and direct messaging you. Soft block allows a user to still see your tweets and direct message you but they won’t see your tweets on your feed. There’s a catch, of course! even if you remove a follower, they can follow you again if they want. In case, if you have protected tweets (aka private tweets, only viewable by your followers), they would need your approval to become a follower again. The feature might be useful if you don’t want to do a full-on block but want to create some space from another user. Until now, the user had to block and unblock a user immediately to limit their access to your tweets. The new feature is seen as a part of company’s efforts to reduce abuse and harassment on the platform.

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