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Rise in temporary job roles for women: Spectrum Report

25 percent increase in temporary job roles for women, highlights STM’s report


Rise in temporary job roles for women: Spectrum Report

Spectrum Talent Management released a report highlighting the positive inclination of corporates towards women staffing for temporary positions. About 20 percent of women are being hired for temp job roles and this percentage is expected to notably increase given the increase in demand for hiring during festive season which lies around 50 per cent higher as compared to last year.

As gender diversity becomes a key focus for companies in India, they are pushing themselves to be more inclusive and establishing clear mandates for women hiring, starting with temporary job roles. Women applicants are more drawn to technology, admin, and support functions job roles. The report also highlights that about 50 per cent of corporates in Tier I & Tier II cities are open to hiring women for contractual or temporary roles. 

The report further states that Healthcare, Technology, Edtech, and BFSI are the leading sectors hiring women in contractual job roles. With healthcare leading the demand by 32 percent followed by Technology at 29 per cent and Edtech and BFSI at 18 per cent and 21 per cent respectively. Regarding the pay difference between temp staffing and permanent hiring, there is about a 30 per cent difference in favour of contract workforce to compensate for the factor of job stability prevalent in full-time roles. 

With a 50:50 composition of close to 90 per cent, entry-level and mid-level positions make up the majority of the current contractual workforce. Senior-level mandates are often closed as full-time positions.

Mr. Sidharth Agarwal, Director, Spectrum Talent Management said, “Women in India leave the corporate world in significant numbers for various reasons, including child rearing, caring for ageing parents etc. They frequently encounter rejection from recruiters who disapprove of their gap years if they wish to return to work. With corporate India now paying attention to diversity in the workplace, it has opened many opportunities for women employees through temporary roles. For employers, temporary staffing has created solid access to a talent pool, just waiting to be tapped”. 

It has long been recognised that having more women in a workplace is beneficial, particularly in how it fosters innovation and financial performance. Increased women hiring in temporary roles thus serves as a credible building block to achieve diversity in the workplace. 

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