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Bizongo granted patent for high precision internal positioning system

Bizongo granted patent for high precision internal positioning system to track movement


Bizongo granted patent for high precision internal positioning system

India’s leading supply chain automation platform Bizongo, today announced securing a patent for its innovative technology, InLocate 6.0, a high precision internal positioning system that will transform tracking inventory, machinery and people with an accuracy of 10cm in indoor and outdoor environments. The patent has been recently granted to Clean Slate Technologies, acquired by Bizongo earlier this year, by the Government of India.

The granted patent, InLocate 6.0 will enable live location visibility, process monitoring, deviation alerts and provide data driven insights on inLog, a web based enterprise-ready, real-time locating systems (RTLS) – IIoT platform. Once deployed, the technology will fit seamlessly with Bizongo’s vision of equipping 100 factories by 2023 with Internet of Things (IoT) to power Indian manufacturing and supply chain to compete in the global arena of exports.

With the Indian government hoping to have 25% of the economy’s output come from manufacturing by 2025, Bizongo’s technology will help manufacturers, including some of the largest factories and warehouses in India optimize production by preventing inventory misplacement, minimizing inventory carrying costs, eliminating incorrect dispatches, increasing fulfillment throughput, improving overall equipment efficiency, and optimizing space utilization.

A bottleneck in the development of indoor positioning has been achieving the high accuracy at a lowered cost. While there are multiple indoor and outdoor positioning systems that work in an accuracy range of 2 to 20 meters, they offer limited efficiency and precision in managing flow of material in a warehouse or factory. Often a factory’s expensive man hours, which could be used to enhance productivity are spent searching the possible location of the goods. Here, Bizongo’s patented technology sets a global benchmark in enabling tracking of any object class with high precision accuracy.

A powerhouse of technology innovation, Bizongo has built a considerable moat in digitizing vendor management, supply chain automation and supply chain finance in the made-to-order or customized goods segment. While it initially started with bringing automation across the packaging industry, over the last three years Bizongo has expanded to several other segments including Textiles & Fashion, FMCG, Metals, Specialty Chemicals, Consumer Durables, Automobile, Healthcare and Construction.

Bizongo Co-founder and CEO, Sachin Agrawal said, “We are proud of our team at Clean Slate Technologies that has put in tremendous effort to build a technology that takes warehouse and factory shop floor management several notches higher in terms of visibility, insights and operations. Bizongo has continuously supported innovation and we are truly humbled to power teams that are building some of the best technologies in supply chain automation anywhere in the world. InLocate 6.0 is our contribution in taking Indian manufacturing right to the center of global trade.”

Clean Slate Technologies Co-founder and CEO Siddharth Desai said, “It is a very humbling moment for all of us as the patent is a recognition of the power of home-grown innovation and Indian talent. Several of our large blue chip customers and global partners will benefit from InLocate6.0 to improve throughput, compress order-to-cash cycles, boost productivity, increase efficiency and cut costs.”

inLocate 6.0 and inLog sets the foundation for powering digital twins of factories and warehouses which allow for MSMEs to run their factories and warehouses in the most productive and cost-efficient manner.

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