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Introducing ZuAI: AI Powered Personal Tutor for Students in India

Introducing ZuAI: AI Powered Personal Tutor for Students in India


Introducing ZuAI: AI Powered Personal Tutor for Students in India

ZuAI is designed to align with CBSE, ICSE and State Board curriculum from grades 4-10 Aims to enhance academic outcomes for one hundred million students in the next three years Zu Technologies, a Bangalore-based startup, today announced the launch of ZuAI, an AI-powered personal learning tutor which is aligned with the Indian CBSE, ICSE & State Board curriculum. The interactive learning tool personalizes the learning process and focuses on the needs of the learner.

ZuAI is built for students in grades 4-10 and helps them to learn from their prescribed textbooks, prepare for exams, revise concepts and generate notes on any topic. Students can currently enter a waitlist to try ZuAI for free. ZuAI has received enthusiastic reviews and love from over 35,000 students since the pilot launch. Over 4500 students are using it daily for their studies with students from grade 7, 9 and 10 using it the most. ZuAI is designed as a personal AI-powered tutor who is available for learners 24×7 to help them understand any concept. It can break down complex concepts into micro-topics until the learner grasps the idea. ZuAI also supports multiple languages for a more inclusive learning experience for the student. It addresses individual learning styles and pace of every student to provide an always ready, infinitely patient, interactive tutor which is tailored to each learner’s needs. It provides various tools and bots for different use cases like classbots, exambots etc and caters to the different needs of students across different grades.

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ZuAI has the capability to generate any number of practice questions, providing learners ample opportunity to practice and solidify their understanding of any lesson or concept. According to Bloom’s 2 sigma problem, 98% of students who receive one-to-one tutoring outperform peers who do not. It also notes that one-to-one tutoring is too expensive for most societies to bear on a large scale and here is where technologies like GenAI can prove to be transformational by providing affordable high-quality educational tools to all. By providing access to personalized learning, ZuAI offers a new way of tutoring for hundreds of students who until now have had limited access to learning tools. A recent survey conducted by Intelligent, a prominent platform for higher-education planning, found that 85% students who have had the opportunity to utilize both ChatGPT and traditional tutoring sessions perceive ChatGPT as a more effective learning tool compared to traditional tutoring. Additionally, 96% of parents with school-age children also hold the belief that their children achieve better outcomes by studying with ChatGPT.

Founders Anubhav Mishra and Arpit Jain stumbled upon the idea of revolutionizing the education sector with Generative AI while building ZuPay. ZuAI was recently launched for select pilot users and has been receiving rave reviews from students across age groups. ZuAI follows the CBSE, ICSE and state board curriculum and is built on the NCERT recommended textbooks to provide a curriculum-based learning which is inline with the syllabus. The company plans to add more sophisticated tools which will allow learners to generate a study lecture within 5 minutes on any topic in the future. It will also offer adaptive test series that will enable learners to see progress in any topic they are learning.

Supporting Quotes
Anubhav Mishra, co-founder, ZuAI

“We started ZuAI with a simple vision of enabling all students to have access to a personal tutor 24×7 and make learning interactive and personalized so that they can learn at their own pace. It is seen that students with tutors are 10 times more likely to outperform their peers – however not everyone has access or the means to have a tutor. Only technologies such as AI can solve this at scale and ensure that no child is left behind. ZuAI’s mission is to enable an anytime, anywhere, personalized tutor for all children and help them achieve academic excellence regardless of their backgrounds and the school they go to.”
Sanjay Swamy, managing partner, Prime Venture Partners

“We are thrilled to see how governments, educators, teachers & students are eager to work with ZuAI to bring personalized tutors to children for their core school curriculum, across the country. Early pilots have been extremely successful and we are confident that AI-enabled tutors will pave the way for better learning outcomes, finally fulfilling the promise of Edtech.”

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